Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Pia4 Pia (22 photos) 04.01.2017
Blonde hardcore barefooter Pia returns with her fourth photo set, showing off those tough, dirty, black soles out in the city. Make sure to check this out!


Valeria (20 photos)

Blonde beauty Valeria smokes a cigarette and then slowly crushes it beneath her sexy feet in high heeled open-toed sandals.

Zoe videoclip 28 Zoe (videoclip 1:57 min) 04.01.2017
Here's a classic video clip of Zoe popping a bunch of small balloons using her bare feet in flip flops and then barefooted. Her cute toes are polished pink and she is wearing jeans & foot jewellery.


Kiri (25 photos)

We are proud to present Kiri, a beautiful young woman whom we met in the city and who agreed to a photo session. She is wearing lovely Indian foot jewellery on he gorgeous bare feet.


Celeste (20 photos)

Blonde beauty Celeste continues walking barefoot in the city with dirty soles and natural toes. She has fun showing off her feet and her rough, tough black soles.


Larielle (20 photos)

Larielle is outdoors in the park near a water fountain and presents her soft bare soles and red pedicured toes to the camera.

Paula videoclip 5 Paula (videoclip 4:42 min) 22.12.2016
In this clip Paula uses her lovely bare feet to crush a few zucchini vegetables under her red polished toes and soft soles.

Aloha + Barbara videoclip 1 Aloha and Barbara (videoclip 5:14 min) 22.12.2016
Aloha and her room mate Barbara both play footsy with each other. They have their lovely toes pedicured in pink & blue and are wearing some sexy foot jewellery.

Nina + Konia 5 Nina and Konia (31 photos) 12.12.2016
Here are some more photos of the two hippie friends Nina & Konia and their dirty soles. If you like barefooted girls in long colourful dresses check this out.

Candid057 Candid Street Feet pt. 57 (20 photos) 12.12.2016
Some nice photos of various random female feet on the streets of the city, all of them in flip flops, Birkenstocks or open toed sandals. And with beautiful pedicured toes.


Rabea (20 photos)

24/7 hardcore barefoot punk-girl Rabea is a friend of Katja, Indra and Vivian...which means her soles and toes are extremely tough and dirty. You have been warned ;)

Skye2 Skye (20 photos) 05.12.2016
More of cute 24/7 barefoot hippie girl Skye. Here she is strolling the historic part of the city and presents he dirty black soles and her natural feet, along with some foot jewellery.

Jasmine videoclip 20 Jasmine (videoclip 2:04 min) 05.12.2016
In this clip Jasmine shows off her french pedicured toes and her bare soles. First she is wearing flip flops and then takes them off to let you see her naked feet.

Rose videoclip 6 Rose (videoclip 2:58 min) 05.12.2016
Rose uses her gorgeous large feet and perfect plumb-shaped toes to squish and crush a couple of juicy tomatoes. First in flip flops and then with her lovely bare feet.

Mai + June 3 Mai and June (33 photos) 01.12.2016
The two urban barefoot friends Mai and June are outdoors on the street and show your their lovely toes and dirty soles. They even meet another barefoot girl.


Jean (23 photos)

Hippie girl Jean is a true barefoot and presents her large, natural feet and dirty soles on the streets of the city in her first photo set.


Sentic (14 photos)

Super sexy Sentic is outdoors and uses her delicious bare feet (with red polished toes) to slowly crush and pop a large red balloon.


Samira (20 photos)

Samira is outdoors showing off her lovely legs, smoking hot body and cute small feet. She walks through the streets barefooted and lets you see her soles and natural toes.

Sheila11 Sheila (24 photos) 21.11.2016
Gorgeous dreadlocked barefoot queen Sheila is outdoors on the grounds of a large hospital and shows off her tough bare soles and natural unpolished toes.

Jan3 Jan (16 photos) 21.11.2016
Barefoot hippie girl Jan is from our neighbourhood and is a hardcore barefooter who even walks barefoot at freezing temperatures. Her soles are very tough, so be warned ;)


Janina (20 photos)

Gorgeous Janina is outdoors on a summer's day and let you have a look at her lovely smooth & clean soles. Her long, beautiful toes are sporting a french pedicure.

Tess3 Tess (22 photos) 14.11.2016
Tall hippie dreadlock girl Tess is a 24/7 barefooter and shows off her amazingly large feet out near the deserted railyard. She has fun sticking her lovely tough and dirty soles into the camera.

Ria2 Ria (30 photos) 14.11.2016
In this set Ria is barefoot in jeans and with natural toes and walks around with her dirty soles in the historic part of the city, as well as on a playground.

Janne8 Janne (28 photos) 07.11.2016
Beautiful barefoot hippie girl Janne and her sweet feet are outdoors near the deserted railyard. She shows you her cute dirty soles and her foot jewellery.

Sina + Mina4 Sina and Mina (22 photos) 07.11.2016
The two barefoot friends Sina and Mina continues walking around barefoot in the city. They show off their natural feet in jeans and present their dirty, wrinkly soles.

Alisha3 Alisha (20 photos) 07.11.2016
Punk beauty Alisha shows off her cute pink polished toes and dirty soles out on the streets in summer. She is wearing some toe rings and anklets as well.


Ruth (20 photos)

Please welcome Ruth, a true barefooter from our city, who not only has pretty & dirty soles but also fantastic long dreadlocks.

Candid056 Candid Street Feet pt. 56 (20 photos) 01.11.2016
Some great photos of various random barefoot girls on the street, at festivals and in public who show off their bare feet and dirty soles.


Majeira (24 photos)

Majeira is barefoot outdoors and has fun popping a couple of balloons with her bare feet by jumping and stepping onto them.

Summer2 Summer (22 photos) 24.10.2016
Tall, beautiful barefooter Summer walks along the streets of our neighbourhood on a perfect summer day. She shows off her long legs and natural bare feet.


Lele and Melli (21 photos)

The two friends Lele and Melli, who both love walking barefoot outdoors and showing off their dirty soles and natural toes while standing on broken glass and on the street.

Jenz4 Jenz (20 photos) 24.10.2016
Jenz has fun showing off her natural bare feet and dirty soles on a building site near the deserted railyard.

Moira1 Moira (26 photos) 10.10.2016
Moira is a new true barefooter who was visiting our city and agreed to have her photos taken. She is wearing some silver nail polish and has some pretty henna painting on her feet.

Dasha8 Dasha (25 photos) 10.10.2016
Cute Dasha is outdoors in a park on a beautiful sunny day and shows you her silky smooth soles and blue polished toes.

Kashiri3 Kashiri (20 photos) 10.10.2016
Kashiri, who is a barefooter and a friend of Natasha and Amelie, continues walking around outdoors and gets her pretty soles nice and dirty.

Toni2 Toni (20 photos) 01.10.2016
Real-life barefooter Toni continues walking through the city with her natural bare feet and super dirty tough soles.

Giselle + Adriana8 Giselle and Adriana (16 photos) 01.10.2016
Giselle and Adriana blow up two balloons and squish them both with their gorgeous pedicured bare feet until they pop.

Britta5 Britta (20 photos) 01.10.2016
Britta is outdoors in the city in her bare feet and shows off her natural toes and dirty soles in various locations.

Manila4 Manila (26 photos) 19.09.2016
Barefooted Manila in the streets of our city and with her cute bare toes polished in sparkly black and wearing some foot jewellery. She has fun showing off her super dirty soles in public.

Juliana2 Juliana (27 photos) 19.09.2016
Juliana has lovely elegant toes and great looking soles. She is wearing an orange pedicure and is walking barefoot outdoors in the historic part of town.

Betty2 Betty (16 photos) 19.09.2016
True barefooter and hippie Betty is out on the ground of a local hospital and a building site and shows off her natural tough-soles bare feet.

Madeline7 Madeline (20 photos) 05.09.2016
More of gorgeous tall blond barefoot girl Madeline. This time she is out on the streets of the city and shows off her long neon-orange polished toes and her dirty, black soles in jeans.

Emmy3 Emmy (25 photos) 05.09.2016
Emmy is the sister of Nova and shows off her lovely dirty bare soles on a building site. Her toes are polished dark red and she is outside on a beautiful summer's day.

Amapola3 Amapola (20 photos) 05.09.2016
Amapola walks around the city in her natural bare feet and stops at various locations to present her dirty soles and toes.


Lila (27 photos)

Please welcome Lila to Toes-in-Action. In her first gallery she walks around the city with her bare feet and shows off her dirty soles and red polished toes to the camera.


Katie (28 photos)

Elegant Katie is outdoors and presents her black polished toes and her slightly dirty soles in various places around town.

Anchor9 Anchor (18 photos) 29.08.2016
Hippie-punk barefoot girl Anchor is a true barefoot queen who is never seen with shoes in the streets. In this set she pops some balloons with her gorgeously pedicured feet.

Nadja + Jennifer2 Nadja and Jennifer (20 photos) 22.08.2016
Dreadlocked Nadja and her friend Jennifer show off their natural bare hippie feet out on the streets and on the lawn.

Amari3 Amari (21 photos) 22.08.2016
This photo series features Amari walking barefoot through the historic part of the city in her blue jeans and pink polished toes, with dirty soles.

Katharina4 Katharina (30 photos) 22.08.2016
Blonde Katharina shows off her beautiful soft clean soles and pink pedicured toes on a lovely summer's day.

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