Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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This is what you can find in the members area.
- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Carmen videoclip 1 Carmen (videoclip 0:32 min) 03.10.2003
Carmen in a stylish "sixties look" with white knee-high socks, which she slowly peels off to reveal her pretty polished toes...

Ellen videoclip 1 Ellen (videoclip 1:27 min) 03.10.2003
Veggie crush pt. 1 -- Cute light green nail polish fitting to a green cucumber. Ellen squishes it with her naked toes and the heel of her foot and shows her juicy soles afterwards.

Jona + Jula videoclip 1 Jona and Jula (videoclip 0:54 min) 03.10.2003
Two pairs of bare feet out on the lawn. Jona and Jula wiggle their toes and spread ´em wide -- they`re really talented at it!

Loulou + Romy 6 Loulou and Romy (10 photos) 27.09.2003
Loulou and Romy pose their pretty feet in open toed shoes and barefooted, showing their pink soles as well as their cute toes. Sparkling red and light blue nail polish and lots of foot jewellery.

Jeannine6 Jeannine (20 photos) 27.09.2003
Beautiful close ups of Jeannine`s freshly polished long toes and slim feet up on a wall, with light green nail polish and a silver anklet. Nice sole shots, too.

Fela6 Fela (9 photos) 27.09.2003
Autumn is approaching rapidly. On a sunny but chilly day Fela plays around barefoot with some freshly fallen chestnuts, wearing dark purple polish, a snake toering and blue jeans.

Sofie vidclip 1 Sofie (videoclip 0:30 min) 21.09.2003
Grape crushing pt. 1 -- Give a hearty hello to our new model Sofie. She has beautiful feet and shows her pink nailpolish by squishing a few dark blue grapes under her soft bare soles.

Lessien vidclip 1 Lessien (videoclip 0:38 min) 21.09.2003
A warm welcome to Lessien! She makes an introduction by stretching out on the lawn and curling her pretty polished toes and crisp bare soles in between some pink flowers.

Tia + Jenn vidclip 1 Tia and Jenn (videoclip 0:26 min) 21.09.2003
This videoclip rocks! Tia and new model Jenn use their bare feet to crush juicy tomatoes... so juicy in fact that it squirts right onto the camera.

Lisa2 Lisa (14 photos) 13.09.2003
Lisa climbs the stairs to a statue in her blue jeans and tender bare feet. Her unpolished toenails look great against the cool concrete floor.

Maria2 Maria (14 photos) 13.09.2003
This light pink nailpolish fits perfectly to Maria`s fair skin. She presses her attractive toes into the moss on a tree while relaxing barefoot in the forest.

Zoé3 Zoé (9 photos) 13.09.2003
Zoé sits barefoot in jeans at a lake and displays her scrumptious soles on a beautiful sunny summer day.

Carmen4 Carmen (8 photos) 06.09.2003
Carmen reads "Jerome K. Jerome" on a bench in the forest and dangles her feet in the air, flexing her bare soles.

Ellen4 Ellen (13 photos) 06.09.2003
Ellen wears a cute colourful dress and sits cross-legged on a thai blanket to show her perfect soles.

Jona + Jula 6 Jona and Jula (13 photos) 06.09.2003
A black & white photoset of Jona and Jula`s bare soles and toes and some shots of their pretty hands, too.

Tia1 Tia (12 photos) 30.08.2003
New model Tia stands barefoot next to a statue in the park and presses her polished toes against the marble pillar. She wears a jeans and an anklet.

Loulou + Romy vidclip 1 Loulou and Romy (videoclip 0:35 min) 29.08.2003
Balloon stomping pt. 1 -- Red and blue nailpolish and pink and green flip-flops. And a bunch of colourful balloons that Loulou and Romy pop with their feet.

Jeannine vidclip 1 Jeannine (videoclip 0:29 min) 29.08.2003
More beautiful bare soles and wiggly toes caught on film by the digicam, this time on a perfect summer day with Jeannine on a park bench.

Fela vidclip 1 Fela (videoclip 0:46 min) 29.08.2003
Fela takes a short break and smokes a cigarette while sticking her lovely soles into the camera and wiggling with her toes.

Lisa1 Lisa (10 photos) 21.08.2003
Lisa`s shows her pretty bare toes in light blue flip-flops against a tree and wear a colourful skirt and white top.

Maria1 Maria (13 photos) 21.08.2003
Maria`s dark red nailpolish fits perfectly to her light skin and elegant black dress and white shirt. She wears a silver toering and a red anklet.

Zoé2 Zoé (21 photos) 14.08.2003
Dressed in black with black nailpolish, too: Zoé sticks two new rings onto her slender toes and shows her bare soles and pointy feet.

Carmen3 Carmen (11 photos) 14.08.2003
Another elegant outdoor photoset of Carmen in which she tries on her new pink high heels with nailpolish to match.

Ellen3 Ellen (12 photos) 14.08.2003
Ellen walks barefoot over the marble floor holding her shoes in her hands. Her pretty toes are polished light green and she wears a toering and anklet.

Jona + Jula 5 Jona and Jula (15 photos) 07.08.2003
Jona and Jula spray some instant cream onto their bare feet and lick it off their cute toes, giggeling all the way.

Loulou + Romy 5 Loulou and Romy (17 photos) 07.08.2003
Loulou and Romy massage each others pretty feet on the lawn. Their toenails are painted sparkling red and light blue, plus toerings and anklets.

Jeannine5 Jeannine (22 photos) 07.08.2003
Jeannine climbs the jungle gym on a playground with her bare feet and wears gold-green nail polish and a pretty metal anklet.

Fela5 Fela (10 photos) 04.08.2003
Fela sticks her bare feet up against a tree and spreads her toes. She wears an aklet and dark red nailpolish.

Zoé1 Zoé (14 photos) 31.07.2003
Jeans and her pretty bare feet in a pair of classic black flip flops is what new model Zoé shows on a bench in the park.

Carmen2 Carmen (16 photos) 31.07.2003
Stylish Carmen is dressed to kill and removes her golden high heels to show a pair of perfect toes and fair soles.

Ellen2 Ellen (16 photos) 31.07.2003
Blue nailpolish and wooden sandals and Ellen`s sweet feet make this a cute outdoor photoset. She spreads her bare toes after taking off her shoes.

Jona + Jula 4 Jona and Jula (17 photos) 25.07.2003
Balloons and bare feet pt. 2: Jona and Jula continue to play with the balloons between their feet, pressing their toes into the soft rubber.

Loulou + Romy 4 Loulou and Romy (16 photos) 24.07.2003
Loulou and Romy dangle their bare feet and legs in the water of a small lake and then present their wet soles.

Jeannine4 Jeannine (12 photos) 19.07.2003
Red ripe cherries and soft smooth soles is what you can see as Jeannine displays her amazing bare feet on a park bench.

Fela4 Fela (16 photos) 19.07.2003
The complete set was taken in b/w and looks extremly stylish. Fela wears a dress and sits on her heels, showing her beautiful soles. Very nice toeshots, too.

Carmen1 Carmen (10 photos) 18.07.2003
Dark nailpolish, long legs and open toed shoes: Carmen rests on a blanket and stretches her feet into the camera lense.

Ellen1 Ellen (19 photos) 18.07.2003
New model Ellen sits on a park bench and shows her cute feet in orange flip flops. She wears light green nailpolish, a toe ring and a pretty anklet.

Jona + Jula 3 Jona and Jula (14 photos) 16.07.2003
Balloons and bare feet pt. 1: Jona and Jula each inflate a balloon and rest their peds on them, streching their silky soles into the camera.

Loulou + Romy 3 Loulou and Romy (13 photos) 14.07.2003
Grape stomp pt. 2 -- Romy squishes grapes on top of Loulou`s feet, and she in return stomps the rest on Romy`s soles. What a fine way to make wine ;)

Romy 1 Romy (14 photos) 11.07.2003
See Romy in a colourful dress that matches her purple flip flops. On her feet she wears a toering, anklets and golden glitter creme.

Jeannine3 Jeannine (16 photos) 10.07.2003
Jeannine smokes a cig while she takes a short rest at the lakeside during a photosession. She dangles her smooth legs and scrumptious feet over the water.

Fela3 Fela (20 photos) 10.07.2003
Fela wears light red nailpolish and sticks some pretty flowers between her gorgeous toes. There are some cool sole shots, too.

Jona + Jula 2 Jona and Jula (12 photos) 07.07.2003
Jona and Jula in jeans show their cute toes and soft soles up against a tree full of moss.

Loulou + Romy 2 Loulou and Romy (14 photos) 05.07.2003
Grape stomp pt. 1 -- Shiny orange nailpolish, two pairs of awesome feet and some juicy grapes. The juice even squirts onto the camera lense in one photo...

Jeannine2 Jeannine (14 photos) 04.07.2003
A pair of wooden getas from China, red nailpolish and flowers to match make this photoset a pretty combination...

Fela2 Fela (16 photos) 03.07.2003
Fela sits at a fountain in the park and dips her pretty bare feet into the water.

Jona + Jula 1 Jona and Jula (13 photos) 28.06.2003
Jona and Jula sit on a stone wall in their jeans and show the camera their awesome soles and cute bare toes.

Loulou and Romy 1 Loulou and Romy (12 photos)
Loulou and Romy both show their pretty soles and then stick dark blue grapes between their toes and play around with them.

Jeannine1 Jeannine (18 photos)
Jeannine bares her gorgeous feet and presents her pretty orange nailpolish and smooth soles in the grass and on a small statue.

Fela1 Fela (22 photos) 27.06.2003
Fela sits on a park bench and removes her black & blue flip flops, showing her soft soles and bending her long toes.

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