Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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This is what you can find in the members area.
- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Jenn1 Jenn (11 photos) 19.05.2004
Jenn sits on a railing next to a lake and gives you a taste of her delicate pink toes and smooth soles. She wears pink polish and a snake toe ring.

Tia6 Tia (15 photos) 19.05.2004
Tia sits on a park bench, wears blue jeans and shows her delicious bare soles. She spreads her toes wide while reading George Orwell.

Lessien5 Lessien (11 photos) 19.05.2004
Lessien rests near a small pond and shows her bare feet & natural toes in blue flip-flops. She also wears an anklet.

Bare Sandals Contribution Pics by Bare Sandals (30 photos) 14.05.2004
Pretty models, great bare feet in flip flops & sandals, and lots of outdoor shots make Bare Sandals an amazing website with a unique style.
* Be sure to pay them a visit by clicking the picture *

Lisa videoclip 3 Lisa (videoclip 0:44) 14.05.2004
Lisa wears a black dress & pink flip flops. She stomps three tightly inflated balloons --- removing her shoes after the first one to continue popping them barefoot.

Maria7 Maria (15 photos) 14.05.2004
Not only Maria`s heavenly toes are perfect, her soles are a sight to be seen, too. Fifteen pictures of her smooth soles and cute toes.

Coral1 Coral (13 photos) 07.05.2004
Coral sits on the bed and slowly peels off her cute white socks, revealing her bare feet with brightly polished toes.

Circle of Feet Contribution Pics by a member (20 photos) 07.05.2004
Another mixed bag of candid photos contributed by a site member. Lots of cute feet in sandals & flip-flops or bare. Multiple feet on all pictures.

Zoé7 Zoé (15 photos) 07.05.2004
Ropes pt. 1 -- Zoé is barefoot and climbs a jungle gym made of ropes, showing her cute toes and soles. She wears short pants and her nails are painted firetruck red.

Feet Fair Contribution Pics by Feet Fair (30 photos) 29.04.2004
It is a great honour to present you with a contribution gallery by Feet Fair, undoubtedly the web`s finest foot site. Their models are simply to die for!
*** Visit their site by clicking on the thumbnail ***

Carmen9 Carmen (14 photos) 29.04.2004
Carmen poses in a black skirt, black top and open toed pumps with wooden soles. Her delicious legs and feet are a sight not to be missed...

Jeannine11 Jeannine (16 photos) 29.04.2004
Lovely Jeannine rests in the shade and reads a book, dangling her delicate feet in blue flip flops. She wears dark red polish, two anklets and a toe ring.

Jona + Jula videoclip 2 Jona and Jula (videoclip 0:47) 23.04.2004
The girls wanted to find out if they were ticklish. They tested their soles and the result was: Jula had extremely ticklish feet and Jona not at all.

Circle of Feet Contribution Pics by a member (20 photos) 23.04.2004
A mixed bag of candid photos contributed by a site member. Lots of cute feet in sandals & flip-flops or bare. Multiple feet on all pictures.

Ellen9 Ellen (18 photos) 23.04.2004
Ellen massages her sweet soles and props her bare feet up on a massive marble stone, sticking her delicious soles in the camera.

Foot-Alarm Contribution Pics by Foot-Alarm (30 photos) 16.04.2004
An amazing variety of barefoot photos by some of the most breath taking foot-models on the net. See this beautiful photo contribution in the members area.
** Click on the photo to visit Foot-Alarm **

Candid21 Candid Street Feet pt. 21 (17 photos) 16.04.2004
Barefoot Special pt. 3 -- More pics showing girls walking barefoot in the city, with some nice close-ups thrown in.

Loulou + Romy videoclip 2 Loulou and Romy (videoclip 1:01 min) 16.04.2004

The beautiful bare feet of Romy and Loulou squash two bananas with their polished toes and display their soles afterwards. Both wear rings and anklets.

Fela11 Fela (21 video stills) 05.04.2004
Some video stills taken from a custom video featuring Fela and her beautiful bare soles. 21 pictures of her wonderful smooth soles on a blanket in the park.

Candid20 Candid Street Feet pt. 20 (20 photos) 05.04.2004
Balloon crush pt. 3 -- Four cute girls step onto balloons and pop them with their pretty feet. Barefoot, in open toed pumps with dark polish and finally in sneakers.

Sofie4 Sofie (17 photos) 05.04.2004
If you like japanese getas you`ll love Sofie`s beautiful bare feet in jeans with purple nail polish in these wooden sandals.

Genie`s Feet Contribution Pics by Genies Feet (30 photos) 02.04.2004
A beautiful photo contribution by Genies Feet.
Nothing can beat sexy bare feet in blue jeans, especially if they are shot outdoors on a sunny day. ** Click on the photo to visit Genie`s website **

Candid19 Candid Street Feet pt. 19 (17 photos) 02.04.2004
Barefoot Special pt. 2 -- Another update showing girls walking barefoot in the city, with some nice close-ups thrown in.

Lessien4 Lessien (21 photos) 02.04.2004
Lessien climbs a tree in the park and shows her wonderful long toes in black sandals. She wears some red polish and a snake toering.

Lisa5 Lisa (14 photos) 30.03.2004
A single ray from the winter sun fills the darkened room as Lisa listens to AIR on her walkman, stretching her bare feet into the light.

Candid18 Candid Street Feet pt. 18 (20 photos) 30.03.2004
Flip flop special -- This is one of the best sets! An awesome variety of very pretty feet in flip flops on the street. Some girls are wearing cute polish & toe rings.

Tia5 Tia (12 photos) 30.03.2004
Tia sits on a park bench wearing blue jeans and shows her beautiful bare feet in white leather sandals. Her polish is a dark red.

Coral videoclip 1 Coral (videoclip 1:17 min) 19.03.2004
Newspaper pt. 1 -- Give a hearty welcome to new model Coral. She has a pair of very pretty feet & toes and makes her debut by completely tearing up a newpaper barefoot.

Coral videoclip 2 Coral (videoclip 1:17 min) 19.03.2004
Newspaper pt. 2 -- Coral tears the newspaper to shreds with the help of her red polished toes while wearing an anklet, a cute toe ring and a pink barefoot sandal.

California Feet Contribution Pics by California Feet (30 photos) 19.03.2004
Thirty sizzling images kindly contributed by California Feet. Make sure to visit their site for more pretty feet and very cute models by clicking the image!

Candid17 Candid Street Feet pt. 17 (20 photos) 19.03.2004
More juicy feet & toes in all colours and sizes taken from the streets. Probably the best candid photoset up until now!

Zoé videoclip 2 Zoé (videoclip 0:50 min) 10.03.2004
Who could resist tickling the sweet soles of Zoé? She is extremely ticklish, so it was difficult even getting near her feet... :-)

Candid16 Candid Street Feet pt. 16 (12 photos) 10.03.2004
Some cute video stills from a street parade in summer, showing some hippy girls juggling or hanging out barefoot.

Maria6 Maria (24 photos) 10.03.2004
Another nice photo series of Maria`s perfectly pedicured feet playing with a pearl necklace, while she rests at a lake.

Carmen8 Carmen (13 photos) 04.03.2004
If you`ve been dying to see more of Carmen`s awesome bare soles here`s your chance! Dressed in black and white, Carmen kneels on a blanket and shows the bottom of her feet.

Candid15 Candid Street Feet pt. 15 (20 photos) 04.03.2004
Balloon crush pt. 2 -- Girls in sneakers, sandals and bare feet play with balloons or burst them by stomping.

Ellen8 Ellen (18 photos) 04.03.2004
Ellen takes off her sandals and presents her bare feet and smooth soles . Her nail polish is light blue and she wears a silver toe ring.

Jona + Jula 10 Jona and Jula (13 photos) 27.02.2004
It started raining while we took this set but there was still enough time for Jona and Jula show their dazzling bare feet in jeans while sitting on a park bench.

Candid14 Candid Street Feet pt. 14 (20 photos) 27.02.2004
The beauty of female feet in the city is displayed in our latest collection of candid photos...

Loulou + Romy 8 Loulou and Romy (13 photos) 27.02.2004
Pretty oily feet, legs and soles is what you get to see in this update of Loulou and Romy.

Fela videoclip 3 Fela (videoclip 1:31 min) 20.02.2004
Grape crush pt. 1 -- Fela wears two silver toerings and an anklet, and crushes large juicy blue grapes barefoot. You can hear them pop open under her cute polished toes.

Fela videoclip 4 Fela (videoclip 0:37 min) 20.02.2004
Grape crush pt. 2 -- Fela continues to squish the grapes to a juicy pulp and then sets some foot prints of her wet soles on the wooden floor.

Candid13 Candid Street Feet pt. 13 (20 photos) 20.02.2004
More pretty bare feet and shoes caught in action on the streets in a hot summer.

Jeannine videoclip 2 Jeannine (videoclip 1:45 min) 20.02.2004
Jeannine cools her dark polished toes in a lake. She splashes around in the water and smoothly rubs her feet and legs together...

Sofie3 Sofie (12 photos) 13.02.2004
Sofie in a white outfit on a picnic table. Her red polished toes look great in those stylish open toed platforms...

Candid12 Candid Street Feet pt. 12 (20 photos) 13.02.2004
The twelfth collection of pretty summer feet in sandals, mules, heels, pumps...

Lessien3 Lessien (12 photos) 13.02.2004
A classic soles photo series with Lessien`s slightly dirty soles and very cute face shots. Also some close-ups of her pretty long toes...

Lisa videoclip 2 Lisa (videoclip 1:12 min) 05.02.2004
Lisa is cool as hell with retro-80s-style: She plays Atari 2600 (Moonpatrol rocks!) and props her bare feet up on the couch to show some soft soles.

Candid11 Candid Street Feet pt. 11 (20 photos) 05.02.2004
Barefoot Special pt. 1 -- This update is dedicated to girl`s walking barefoot in the city, with some nice close-ups thrown in.

Tia + Jenn 4 Tia and Jenn (24 photos) 05.02.2004
Jenn and Tia wade through a gooey and muddy pond, getting their feet nice and dirty. They just can`t stop giggling, too ;-)

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