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Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Sharona (20 photos)

Today we are proud to present a new punk model with awesome looking feet. Sharona shows off her red polished toes and her soles in flip flops and barefooted while outdoors.

Ketty3 Ketty (22 photos) 22.04.2009
Another great barefoot model by The Feetosopher has now been added to our collection. In this set Ketty walks barefoot during autumn in Padua and meets up with her barefoot friend Cleo.


Ava (29 photos)

Gorgeous Ava has her pretty toes polished bright orange and is wearing two of her sexy silver anklets. In this picture collection you get to see close-ups of her toes, high arches and beautiful bare soles.

Zoé24 Zoé (19 photos) 22.04.2009
Blonde Zoe has her toes polished black and is wearing flip flops, a black punk tshirt and a black vinyl skirt. She is outdoors and shows off her toes, soles and arches.


Paula (29 photos)

Please welcome Paula, our latest beautiful foot model this spring. Paula loves walking barefoot outdoors and her first gallery shows her outdoors with nice and dirty soles and purple polished nails.


Yella (30 photos)

Yella is another new foot model at Toes-in-Action and has some of the most perfect and silky soft soles around. In her first photo gallery she is barefoot in jeans with natural unpolished toes.


Emily (24 photos)

Emily is outdoors in the park wearing her army pants and lots of sexy foot jewellery. Her toes have been perfectly polished in bright pink and she spreads & curls them and shows her silky soles.

Candid51 Two Girls Barefoot (videoclip 2:46 min) 14.04.2009
Here`s a small candid clip of two 19-year-old girls walking barefoot along the street during the first hot spring days in early april. Audio has been removed but nice clip all the same.


Crystal (23 photos)

Sexy blonde Crystal is barefoot on campus and sticks her dirty soles and long beautiful toes (which are polished sparkly silver) into the camera lens. Also check out her video clips in our store.

Mathilda2 Mathilda (36 photos) 08.04.2009
Mathilda is outdoors on the hospital grounds in jeans and in flip flops, as well as barefooted. Her cute toes are polished bright orange and she loves showing off those silky soft soles.

Tatjana3 Tatjana (27 photos) 08.04.2009
Stylish Tatjana just loves posing for the camera and is outdoors on a beautiful summer day to show her feet in red heels and barefooted.

Miriam6 Miriam (16 photos) 08.04.2009
Barefoot in the city pt. 1 -- A new series of barefoot girl Miriam in the city showing off her dirty soles. These pics were shot together with The Feetosopher while he was over for a visit.

Michelle6 Michelle (14 photos) 08.04.2009
Blonde beauty Michelle is outdoors in flip flops and has her gorgeous long toes polished bright orange. She smokes a cigarette and then drops it to th floor and crushes it with her pretty feet.

Emma + Denise1 Emma and Denise (36 photos) 01.04.2009
A bunch of beautiful photos taken on a perfect sunny summer`s day with the two friends Emma and Denise. Both girls have silky soles, gorgeous toes and nice high arches.

Sisters2 Sisters Little Gio and Sissi (20 photos) 01.04.2009
Sissi`s soles are already filthy from two hours of barefooting, and she meets her barefooted sister in a park. Both girls have fun posing in the park. All pics shot by The Feetosopher from Italy.

Zoe videoclip 12 Zoe (videoclip 2:47 min) 01.04.2009
Zoe is wearing a short skirt and is barefoot, and her toes are pimped up with foot jewellery and polished dark red. She uses her beautiful feet to play around with two rubber balls.

Jasmine video clip 3 Jasmine (videoclip 2:54 min) 01.04.2009
An outdoor crush clip with lovely Jasmine and her pink polished toes. She squishes lemons with her black flip flops by stepping on them and crushing them in her sandals.

Angelina + Tia 1 Angelina and Tia (26 photos) 25.03.2009
Angelina and Tia are two of the sexiest models at Toes-in-Action. Here both of them are outdoors on the campus of their college while enjoying the early autumn sun on their pretty feet.

Luca5 Luca (34 photos) 25.03.2009
Sweet 18-year-old Luca shows off her perfect soles and pink polished toes while outdoors in the park on a bench and on a jungle gym.

Katja2 Katja (29 photos) 25.03.2009
More pics of real-life barefooter Katja and her hardcore feet & soles which have been walking around barefoot all summer. In this set she continues strolling through the city streets.

Inga5 Inga (23 photos) 25.03.2009
Design student Inga shows off her long slender feet and pink polished toes on campus. She arrived barefoot at the photosesion, so her soles are slightly dirty. She is also wearing black leggings.

Serena2 Serena (31 photos) 18.03.2009
Another great gallery taken on a perfect summer day with Serena, a young lady with great looking toes and soles. She is barefoot and then slips on some sexy leather heeled and open-toed sandals.

California Beach Feet Contribution by California Beach Feet (40 photos) 18.03.2009
Here is a contribution gallery by one of the best foot fetish websites out there. California Beach Feet has some ultra-high quality photos and amazing models shot directly on the street.

Tasha10 Tasha (29 photos) 18.03.2009
Elegant Tasha has her beautiful toes polished shiny bright silver and is wearing flip flops, then removes them to sniff her feet, and then plays around barefooted on a playground.

Violacea video 1 Violacea (videoclip 1:31 min) 18.03.2009
A video clip of Violacea shot by The Feetosopher while she was walking barefoot in Venice in winter on the 30th of was cold and windy and only 3 degrees Celcius.

Violacea video 2 Violacea (videoclip 1:59 min) 18.03.2009
Here is another clip of Violacea shot by our friend The Feetosopher...this is a close-up of her tough soles while she is barefoot outdoors on a cold winter`s day.


Verena (28 photos)

More of Verena as she walks around barefoot outdoors and gets her soles nice and dirty. She also has her jeans rolled up high and you can see her legs and calves.

Anne2 Anne (19 photos) 11.03.2009
Anne loves to pose and show off those lucious legs and dirty soles, as she plays around barefooted with a balloon cluster on an abandoned warehouse landscape.

Barbara + Penelop4 Barbara and Penelop (18 photos) 11.03.2009
These photos with Barbara and Penelop were shot during the making of our clip "Barefoot Duo", after both girls had been walking barefoot in the city and have nice black, dirty soles.

Kim2 Kim (22 photos) 11.03.2009
18-year-old Kim is outdoors to enjoy the summer sun and presents her sweet feet and red polished toes in canvas sandals and barefooted. You get to see her soles, arches and close-ups of her toes.

Heike15 Heike (22 photos) 11.03.2009
Real-life barefoot girl Heike in an unusual sight... namely in shoes! Here she is outdoors and has her pretty feet in black leather heeled sandals, in flip flops and open-toed sandals.

Lara2 Lara (12 photos) 11.03.2009
Lara is outdoors in jeans and wearing a pair of flip flops which show off her sexy red polished toes...she then removes her shoes and shows you her silky soft soles.


Phani (9 photos)

Philippinian cutie Phani has her pretty toes pedicured with dark red polish and she is wearing yellow flip flops. She is smoking a cigarette and slowly crushes it under her feet.

Kendra3 Kendra (22 photos) 04.03.2009
Another great photo gallery by Kendra, who shows off her perfect feet outdoors in summer. Her silky soles, high arches and pink polished toes look lovely as she poses barefoot in jeans.

Francesca + Brit 2 Francesca and Brit (17 photos) 04.03.2009
The two 18-year-old friends Francesca and Brit are happy to show you their beautiful toes in flip flops and barefooted while they enjoy the sun out in the park.

Norcal Feet Contribution Pics from Norcal Feet (40 photos) 04.03.2009
Missy Vinyl is an amazing looking model from Norcal Feet with short hair, a beautiful face, amazing tattoos and incredible looking feet. Make sure to check out this great gallery!

Giorgia2 Giorgia (32 photos) 04.03.2009
Hard-soled Giorgia tackles difficult terrains while visiting barefooted the Garden of Villa Giusti in downtown Verona on a sunny but cold November day
All photos taken by The Feetosopher.

Zoé23 Zoé (25 photos) 04.03.2009
Zoe has her toes polished fire-truck red and is wearing flip flops, wooden getas and is barefoot on her bike. Also a few photos of her sweet toes playing with glass marbles.

Liyah5 Liyah (34 photos) 25.02.2009
Another sexy gallery by exotic beauty Liyah and her gorgeously pedicured pink toes and high arches. She is out in the park, slips off her shoes and gives you a great foot show.

Rike13 Rike (38 photos) 25.02.2009
Here is part 2 of Rike walking barefoot outdoors in the city. Jeans, bare feet, dirty streets, sexy soles and perfectly pedicured toes...what more could you ask for? ;-)

Mandala2 Mandala (20 photos) 25.02.2009
Mandala, the girl with the gothic flare, is back. This time she strolls barefoot in a residential area near Venice railway station and shows off her dirty soles. All photos were shot by The Feetosopher.

Philly Foot Worship Contribution Pics Philly Foot Worship (57 photos) 25.02.2009
A sweet mix of various foot models from the website Philly Foot Worship. Check out this gallery which shows the girl`s pedicured toes and soft soles being licked and worshipped.

Liz + Luca videoclip 1 Liz and Luca (videoclip 1:37 min) 25.02.2009
18-year-old cousins Liz and Luca are about to crush a pile of juicy grapes. Since they have never done it before they want to try it first. This clip shows them warming up by crushing some single grapes.


Salma (28 photos)

Persian beauty Salma from Iran can be seen her with various pointy & open-toed pumps, and then barefooted showing off her french pedicure and those soft soles.

Foot Printz North Contribution Pics by Foot Printz North (36 photos) 18.02.2009
A great mix of photos by the beautiful models of Foot Printz North showing off their bare soles and pretty pedicured toes while outdoors and indoors. Make sure to visit their great website.

Violacea4 Violacea (22 photos) 18.02.2009
More from our friend The Feetosopher and Violacea. This time she leaves her shoes at home in Mestre, makes a barefoot train trip to Venice, and relaxes in the garden of a classy hotel.

Shirin5 Shirin (36 photos) 18.02.2009
One night in winter Shirin went out barefoot into a club and took a female friend along who took some snapshots of her. You get to see some dirty soles and pics of Shirin dancing barefoot.

Lorelay4 Lorelay (15 photos) 18.02.2009
Lorelay is outdoors on campus and taking a break to smoke a cigarette. Halfway finished she places it on the ground and crushes it flat with her powerful feet (in black sandals).


Denise (20 photos)

Gorgeous Denise is outdoors on campus in summer and shows off her slightly sweaty soles and pink polished toes. In a few pics she is also wearing her Birkenstock sandals.

Ananda10 Ananda (21 photos) 11.02.2009
More of Ananda barefoot in jeans and with pink pedicured toes. In this set her soles are clean but pretty tough from walking barefoot that summer. Also a few pics in sandals and peep-toes.

Carmen22 Carmen (28 photos) 11.02.2009
A nice mix of photos featuring Carmen in flip flops, barefooted, in knee high white socks and in open toed heels while pedal pumping.


Angelique (25 photos)

Angelique continues walking around barefoot outdoors in the old part of town, showing off her dirty soles and red polished toes in various locations.

Michelle5 Michelle (18 photos) 11.02.2009
Blonde beauty Michelle is outdoors in flip flops and shows off her long lucious legs and orange polished toes, and then her bare feet at a small lake.

Allegra3 Allegra (37 photos) 05.02.2009
Allegra is barefoot outdoors on a building site in the forest and shows off her beautiful pedicured toes, dirty soles and poses on some of the building vehicles.


Lily (44 photos)

Lily`s slender feet, gorgeous silky soft soles and orange pedicured toes are outdoors barefooted and in flip flops. She is wearing jeans and sweet foot jewellery.

Giorgia1 Giorgia (22 photos) 05.02.2009
Hardcore barefooting beauty Giorgia from Italy arrives already dirty-soled at Padua’s railway station, then moves towards downtown on blazing hot streets. All pics taken by The Feetosopher.

Norma videoclip 3 Norma (videoclip 3:11 min) 05.02.2009
Norma has an entire newspaper lying in front of her and uses her sweet toes to tear it up. She grabs the pages inbetween her toes and rips them apart, tearing them into little shreds.

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