Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Giselle and Adriana (26 photos)

More of Giselle and Adriana, the two friends with beautiful silky legs and great looking feet to match. This time both girls show off their soles and their cute polished toes.

Ronja5 Ronja (45 photos) 10.06.2010
Hardcore barefoot girl Ronja is outdoors in the historic part of the city and shows off her natural perfect toes and dirty black soles, while wearing a long blue dress.

Rachel4 Rachel (27 photos) 10.06.2010
Blonde sex-bomb Rachel is outdoors on a perfect sunny day and presents her lucious legs and blue polished toes in white open-toed sandals.

Hilka videoclip 6 Hilka (videoclip 4:16 min) 10.06.2010
In this 8 minute video clip (split into two parts) Hilka makes a sexy show out of the task of popping the colourful balloons. Even if you`re not into balloon crushing you will enjoy this!

Hilka videoclip 5 Hilka (videoclip 4:16 min) 10.06.2010
Hilka has her gorgeous small toes polished bright pink, is wearing sexy foot jewellery and jeans, and pops the balloons. This clip is usually sold in our balloon store at Clips4Sale.


Bara (20 photos)

Please welcome our latest model Bara. She has some wonderul soles, high arches and great looking long toes. In her first set she enjoys the summer sun while showing off those smooth, wide soles.

Alyssa1 Alyssa (29 photos) 04.06.2010
Another wonderful model and photoset shot by the Feetosopher from Italy. This time with gorgeous new model Alyssa with dirty soles from walking around in Mestre/Venice barefoot in jeans.

Daria video clip 1 Daria (videoclip 2:05 min) 04.06.2010
Indian girl Daria has her long toes pedicured in light blue and is wearing some silver traditional Indian foot jewellery. She shows off her stunning feet in white sandals and barefooted.

Ruby videoclip 4 Ruby (videoclip 3:18 min) 04.06.2010
Ruby uses her long, slender feet to crush a bunch of zucchinis. Her toes are polished bright pink and she is wearing some silver foot jewellery to squish the vegetables to a pulp.


Laura (33 photos)

Another wonderful photoset of Laura and her beautiful large feet. She starts off in flip flops and blue polished toes, then removes her shoes and shows her high arches and gorgeous soles.

Allegra6 Allegra (33 photos) 21.05.2010
Allegra was on vacation in Egypt and walked barefoot in the streets. She took a bunch of photos and sent them over to our website to publish. They turned out great ;)

Kim3 Kim (23 photos) 21.05.2010
18-year-old Kim is has taken off her sandls and enjoys the summer sun while presenting her sweet feet and red polished toes. You get to see her soles and close-ups of her toes.

Dita6 Dita (26 photos) 21.05.2010
Emo-style girl Dita is outdoors barefooted and shows you some close-ups of her dirty soles. These pics were shot during the making of her clip "Barefoot in the Harbour".

Gracie + Michelle 1 Gracie and Michelle (31 photos) 09.05.2010
Please welcome our latest model Gracie. She was introduced by Michelle, and both girls showed off their gorgeous bare feet during a photo session on the local university campus.

Lil + Ira 1 Lil and Ira (34 photos) 09.05.2010
New hardcore barefoot model Lil pursuades her friend Ira to take off her shoes and also walk barefoot with her. This is the first part of the photo session, more to come soon.

Rose5 Rose (21 photos) 09.05.2010
This time gorgeous Rose shows off her large feet, juicy soles and long, pedicured toes while resting on a small wall. If you like large feet with long toes check this out!

Liyah video clip 1 Liyah (videoclip 2:42 min) 09.05.2010
Many of you wanted to see a clip of our top model Liyah. Here she is outdoors on an extremely hot day and is dressed to kill, wearing a hot pink dress and foot jewellery on her beautiful feet.

Tia24 Tia (29 photos) 22.04.2010
Beautiful blonde Tia is out on a warm summer day and shows off her cream-colour pedicured toes in flip flops and barefooted. Also lots of nice shots of her splendid silky soles.

Arianna + Giorgia 1 Arianna and Giorgia (20 photos) 22.04.2010
Barefoot friends Arianna and Giorgia head toward the harbor of Venice on a very hot summer day. All photos were shot by the prodigenic Feetosopher from Italy.

Jasmine video clip 6 Jasmine (videoclip 5:09 min) 22.04.2010
During our photo session Jasmine had to walk through the train station, and since she was wearing her sparkly flip flops it was a good opportunity to film her pretty feet.

Emily videoclip 11 Emily (videoclip 4:54 min) 22.04.2010
Emily crushes some large styrofoam pieces lying around in the studio with her powerful feet. Her toes are polished dark green. She starts in her wooden sandals and later barefooted.


Celeste (24 photos)

We met up for a video session with amazing barefoot hippy girl Celeste and being a hardcore barefoot girl she already arrived with black dirty soles. Some nice pics of her soles and pretty toes.


Jessica (23 photos)

Lovely Jessica is wearing black flip flops and jeans, but soon takes off her shoes to show you her lovely soles. Her toes are polished fire truck red and she is wearing foot jewellery.


Lily (38 photos)

Lily is barefoot in jeans and walks along a barefoot-path in the forest. Then she goes to a sandy beach at a large local lake and plays in the mud and shows off her dirty sandy soles.

Angelina6 Angelina (30 photos) 16.04.2010
Angelina is out in the park and has a cluster of colourful balloons. She uses her bare feet to pop them by crushing them or jumping onto them. Nice balloon fun barefoot action.


Simin (21 photos)

More of Persian beauty Simin and her lovely looking feet. She is outdoors in a public park on a perfect summer`s day and shows off her dark polished toes and soft soles.


Norma (28 photos)

Some more beautiful photos of Norma, this time while she is outdoors in a park and in her flip flops and then barefooted. She has her toes polished in shiny black and is wearing a skirt and later jeans.

Cadiz3 Cadiz (30 photos) 09.04.2010
Hardcore barefoot girl Cadiz continues walking the streets without any shoes & socks, and shows off her hardcore soles and multi-colour polished toes.


Verena (22 photos)

More of Verena as she walks around barefoot outdoors and gets her soles nice and dirty. She also has her jeans rolled up high and you can see her legs and calves.

Ruby videoclip 3 Ruby (videoclip 3:15 min) 09.04.2010
Ruby is barefoot and sitting in an inflatable armchair --her pretty feet are decorated with foot jewellery and she sticks her slender soles and long pink polished toes directly into the camera lens.

Zoé27 Zoé (26 photos) 25.03.2010
Gorgeous Zoe is out in the neighbourhood and sticks her silky, wrinkly soles into the camera lens and also shows you her brightly orange painted toes.

Miriam8 Miriam (24 photos) 25.03.2010
Barefoot in the city pt. 3 -- Some more pictures of barefoot girl Miriam in the city showing off her dirty soles. These pics were shot together with The Feetosopher while he was over for a visit.

Elisabetta3 Elisabetta (25 photos) 25.03.2010
Elisabetta has a barefoot stroll in Venice on a late autumn day. She has some funny encounters on the way. All photos were shot by the great Feetosopher from Italy.

Denise videoclip 2 Denise (videoclip 4:58 min) 25.03.2010
Denise looks great in her black top, sparkly black polished toes and black heels. She is in our studio and crushes some plastic party-lights. Some of them explode into little plastic pieces.

Paloma5 Paloma (34 photos) 09.03.2010
Here are some photos of wonderful Paloma shot during the "Barefoot on a Building Site" video session. Paloma`s perfect feet are out of this world. She also walks through some mud in this one.

Amber8 Amber (28 photos) 09.03.2010
Punk girl Amber has some gorgeous soft soles and extremely high arches. She is outdoors and poses her feet in different ways, while also presenting her beautiful red polished toes.

Svenja4 Svenja (18 photos) 09.03.2010
Svenja is enjoying the warm sun out in the park near a water fountain. She sticks her soles into the camera and spreads and points her toes while showing off her legs.


Apple (24 photos)

More of sweet Apple walking barefoot in the city and near the railway tracks. Those cute soles are black and dirty afterwards and you get to see some close-ups.

Alfonsina3 Alfonsina (31 photos) 03.03.2010
Alfonsina has some butter-soft silky soles and very cute little toes to match. In this picture series she is in flip flops and on a park bench to give you a close-up view of her silky soles.

Ananda12 Ananda (18 photos) 03.03.2010
Here are some photos of Ananda barefoot outdoors with dirty soles and pink leg warmers. These pics were shot during her popular video session "Ananda barefoot in the Office District".


Emily (28 photos)

Emily is outdoors in the park wearing her army pants and lots of sexy foot jewellery. Her toes are perfectly polished in bright pink and she shows off her slightly dirty soles from walking barefoot.

Salma + Jade videoclip 3 Salma and Jade (videoclip 3:46 min) 03.03.2010
These two 18-year-old friends have fun inflating balloons with a rubber foot-pump and then stepping onto them in sexy high heels and barefooted. Their toes are perfectly pedicured.


Kira (29 photos)

Elegant and sexy Kira is outdoors in the late autumn sun and takes off her shoes & socks to present her long, pink polished toes and those perfect soft soles.

Coby1 Coby (26 photos) 19.02.2010
Don`t miss new model Coby`s first appearance on Toes-in-Action. She is another wonderful model shot by The Feetosopher from Italy. In this series she is barefoot in winter in the city of Venice.

Emma + Denise videoclip 1 Emma and Denise (videoclip 5:29 min) 19.02.2010
Emma & Denise are outdoors and try on different pairs of flip flops, walk around in them and show their pretty feet. Don`t miss Denise`s gorgeous toes and Emma`s extremely high arches.

Liz + Luca videoclip 3 Liz and Luca (videoclip 2:16 min) 19.02.2010
The two 18-year-old cousins Liz and Luca are barefoot and squish bananas to a messy pulp under their bare feet and brightly polished toes. You`ll enjoy this clip if you`re into two-girl-crushing.

Jasmine7 Jasmine (29 photos) 09.02.2010
Jasmine first shows your her soft soles and red polished toes in flip flips, then climbs a tree and lets you see more of her sweet bare feet.

Heike18 Heike (23 photos) 09.02.2010
Heike barefoot on the street pt. 3-- Heike is barefoot outdoors on a scorching hot summer day and shows you her dirty soles and luscious tanned legs. This time she is on a red blanket on the lawn.

Mathilda3 Mathilda (33 photos) 09.02.2010
Mathilda is outdoors first in flip flops and then barefooted. She climbs a jungle-gym on a playground and sticks her soles in the camera lense and presents her cute orange painted toes.

Serena3 Serena (29 photos) 09.02.2010
Another great gallery taken on a perfect summer day with Serena, a young lady with great looking toes and soles. She is in flip flops and then barefooted, where she shows off her soles.

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