Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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This is what you can find in the members area.
- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Barbara1 Barbara (22 photos) 23.06.2006
Here`s another new foot model with a great smile and very pretty feet. Barbara shows her pink toes in flip flops before climbing into a water fountain and gettting her tootsies nice and wet.

Saya1 Saya (16 photos) 23.06.2006
Saya was born in India and has small feet sized 36 (European). This is her first photo series and shows Saya barefoot at college with her friend Judith, who also models for our website.

Emma videoclip 1 Emma (videoclip 3:18 min) 23.06.2006
This is one of our best selling video from our clip store called "Emma`s Silky Soles and High Arches". Enjoy!

Olga1 Olga (23 photos) 17.06.2006
Our latest foot model Olga`s feet are out of this world. Not only does she have an amazing pedicure with sparkly polish & jewels stuck to her nail but she`s also talented in spreading her toes.

Aloha1 Aloha (21 photos) 17.06.2006
New foot model Aloha has wonderful looking soles and her elegant toes are polished bright orange. She came straight from work and had slightly dusty soles from walking around in sandals in the office.

Montana1 Montana (15 photos) 13.06.2006
Montana is our latest foot model at Toes-in-Action. She likes to experiment with different nail polish colours and "simply loves walking barefoot". Check out her first picture series with blue polish.

Hanna1 Hanna (15 photos) 13.06.2006
Hanna is our second new model today. Her style is very unique and her feet extremely slender. In this set she is up on a jungle gym presenting her slightly sandy soles.

Amber videoclip 1 Amber (videoclip 3:25 min) 08.06.2006
Due to popular demand here`s more of new model Amber and her gorgeous feet. In this video clip she balances tip-toed on a wall and then shows her wrinkly soles & long curly toes.

Miriam3 Miriam (17 photos) 08.06.2006
Barefoot at the university pt. 3 -- Miriam is barefoot on the campus of the local university and shows you her sweet filthy soles and cute red toes.

Lisa videoclip 5 Lisa (videoclip 1:02 min) 08.06.2006
A cute video clip of Lisa barefoot in her room and tearing up a sheet of newspaper with her sweet toes.


Crystal (21 photos)

Crystal looks fabulous in her short white skirt and white tank top. Her long tanned legs go well to her smooth long toes, which are polished silver. You get to see her in flip flops and barefoot.

Amber1 Amber (20 photos) 01.06.2006
This is the first photo set of Amber, our latest foot model. Not only does she have gorgeous long toes, slender soles and high arches but she has beautiful mesmerizing eyes as well. Enjoy!

Heike6 Heike (17 photos) 01.06.2006
Heike gives you a beautiful sole show near the lake. She is on a wooden jetty and wearing an elegant black dress with her smooth soft soles sticking out below.

Salma videoclip 1 Salma (videoclip 2:37 min) 01.06.2006
This is a part taken from our video clip "Salma`s Shoe Show", usually sold in our store. Here elegant Salma walks in open toed pumps and then barefooted.

Jasvely from Peru Jasvely from Peru (21 photos) 01.06.2006
Jasvely is another pretty model from Peru. The pics were sent to us by a member and in this set she walks the streets of Lima to make those tender soles black & dirty.

Emily videoclip 6 Emily (videoclip 3:31 min) 01.06.2006
Emily tries out stepping on some juicy grapes with her pink polished toes. She picks them up, pops them between & under her toes and eventually turns them all into wine. A very sweet barefoot crush clip.

Inga1 Inga (27 photos) 26.05.2006
Please welcome Inga, our latest foot model. In her first photo set you get to see her sitting on the steps of the local library and taking off her shoes & socks, before putting foot jewellery onto her red toes.

Michelle + Ananda 7 Michelle and Ananda (16 photos) 26.05.2006
The girls are having fun as Michelle eats sweets from between Ananda`s beautiful long toes, which are polished fire truck red. Beautiful crystal clear photos.

Zoe videoclip 8 Zoe (videoclip 2:15 min) 26.05.2006
Zoe sits barefoot on the sofa and applies lotion to her gorgeous soft soles and long pink polished toes.

Sami videoclip 3 Sami + her sister (videoclip 2:23 min) 26.05.2006
Sami and her sister pop balloons under their feet. This clip is usually sold in our store as "Sami`s Barefoot Balloon Burst".

Zoé15 Zoé (15 photos) 23.05.2006
Here are some photos of Zoe after she walked barefoot along a river. She lies down on the lawn and shows off her gorgeous wrinkly soles, which by now are a bit dusty.


Emma (14 photos)

Elegant Emma is up on a tree and dangles her feet. Her nails are painted bright pink, her toes & ankles clad in foot jewellery and her soles very soft.

Judith4 Judith (26 photos) 19.05.2006
Barefoot in the city pt. 3 -- In this set Judith sticks some flowers in between her soles and then crushes them to a pulp on the ground. Nice soles shots.

Judith3 Judith (21 photos) 19.05.2006
Barefoot in the city pt. 2 -- More of Judith walking barefoot through the city and her light blue polished toes and sweet dirty soles.

Lena6 Lena (13 photos) 19.05.2006
Lena shows her soft soles in different positions while resting on a park bench. She is barefoot in jeans with orange nail polish.

Jenny6 Jenny (20 photos) 15.05.2006
In this set 18-year-old Jenny is barefoot on a blanket in the park and shows her perfectly pedicured toes with a pair of black barefoot sandals.

AnnaLaura videoclip 6 Anna and Laura (videoclip 3:51 min) 15.05.2006
This clip is usually sold in our video store and shows both girls having fun while popping a big sheet of bubble wrap --- first in flip flops and then barefooted.

Mara4 Mara (15 photos) 12.05.2006
In this set you get to see Mara`s perfectly pedicured red toes in red straw flip flops and a view of her soles without shoes.

Barefoot Cam Girls Daemoness from Barefoot Cam Girls (52 photos) 12.05.2006
Sexy Daemoness from Barefoot Cam Girls does her homework while teasing you with her lucious long legs and beautiful bare feet.
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Emily videoclip 5 Emily (videoclip 1:29 min) 12.05.2006
Emily is barefoot in jeans and a jeans jacket and rubs her feet and red polished toes with lotion.

Zoé14 Zoé (31 photos) 08.05.2006
Zoe is sitting on the terrace of a restaraunt on the first really hot spring day. The sun is beating down and she is much too warm, so she takes off her Converse and her socks...

Candid49 Candid Street Feet pt. 49 (16 photos) 08.05.2006
Barefoot Special pt. 10 -- Spring has only just begun here but there have already been lots of barefooted women on the streets, enjoying the feeling of warm concrete under their pretty soles.

Lessien10 Lessien (24 photos) 05.05.2006
Heavy metal girl Lessien shows you a mix of her bare feet. You get to see her soles and slender red toes.

Sarah8 Sarah (15 photos) 05.05.2006
Splish splash...Sarah splashes her gorgeous long silver polished toes in the water of a lake.

Sofie11 Sofie (12 photos) 05.05.2006
Sofie sits at a picknick table in a park and takes off her shoes, revealing her soft soles and bright red polished toes.

Lisa videoclip 4 Lisa (videoclip 1:42 min) 05.05.2006
Lisa pours lotion onto her natural bare feet and rubs & massages them, squeezing her long toes. You get to see some nice close-ups of her slender soles.

Penelop and Katharina 5 Penelop and Katharina (20 photos) 27.04.2006
Two sisters pt. 1 -- Penelop and her 18-year-old sister Katharina play around with their feet and show you their gorgeous soft soles and toes.

Annette videoclip 1 Annette (videoclip 1:11 min) 27.04.2006
Annette gives you a sweet show with those long flexible pink toes of hers. She is barefoot in jeans in a local park.

Zoé and Celina 2 Zoé and Celina (22 photos) 27.04.2006
Zoé and Celina walk barefoot through the city pt. 2 -- Here they show their beautiful pink toes and dirty black soles on the mirror window of a store and in a park. Nice crisp close-up photos.

Lea videoclip 3 Lea (videoclip 1:13 min) 27.04.2006
18-year-old Lea has fun popping four balloons with her fantastic feet. She has her sweet toes polished cherry red, takes off her sandals and steps on the colourful balloons to make them pop.

Ananda3 Ananda (21 photos) 27.04.2006
Ananda shows off her hot pink toes and jewellery covered feet, before spreading lotion onto her soles.

Becky3 Becky (16 photos) 21.04.2006
Becky`s delicious red polished toes and super soft soles in black Havaianas flip flops. She wear jeans and beautiful foot jewellery.

Susann videoclip 2 Susann (videoclip 2:31 min) 21.04.2006
Susann takes off her purple flip flops and crushes a bowl full of strawberries under her sweet natural feet.

Candid48 Candid Street Feet pt. 48 (16 photos) 21.04.2006
Barefoot Special pt. 9 -- Young women walking barefoot in the city and getting their pretty naked soles black and dirty. A beautiful gallery with real-life barefoot girls.

Salma + Jade 1 Salma and Jade (18 photos) 12.04.2006
See these two 18-year-old girls Salma and Jade present their beautiful pedicured toes and soft soles, while sitting on a park bench.

Denise and Lorelay 1

Denise and Lorelay (21 photos)

These high quality photos are Denise and Lorelay`s gorgeous bare feet (& in flip flops) are so pretty. Lorelay`s long toes are polished bright red, while Denise has her cute toes polished pink. Yummy!

Mara and Layla videoclip 1 Mara and Layla (videoclip 2:44 min) 12.04.2006
A special Easter video clip of Mara and Layla. They both crush some chocolate Easter bunnies under their scrumptious bare feet.

Mia3 Mia (18 photos) 12.04.2006
Here are some delicious photos of Mia`s beautiful wrinkly soles. Some great close-ups of her soft soles while she is resting on a park bench.

Denise videoclip 5 Denise (videoclip 3:11 min) 12.04.2006
This clip is usually sold in our store as "Denise`s Sweet Bare Feet". She is barefoot in jeans, has her nails polished in purple and teases you with her toes.

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