Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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This is what you can find in the members area.
- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Simin (22 photos)

More of Persian beauty Simin and her lovely looking feet. She is outdoors in a public park shows off her sandals, red polished toes and bare soles.

Katja9 Katja (21 photos) 22.03.2012
A new set of real-life dreadlocked barefoot girl Katja. She is outdoors in the city and shows her hardcore soles. Warning: They are really rough & tough from walking without shoes for months.

Cadiz5 Cadiz (26 photos) 22.03.2012
Hardcore barefoot girl Cadiz has been walking around outdoors and now has fun popping balloons with her feet. Her toes are polished in multiple colours and she has painted her feet.

Zoé31 Zoé (12 photos) 22.03.2012
A few cute photos of Zoe on a spring day with neon pink pedicured toes and soft silky soles. She's sitting in a boat that was randomly standing near our studio.

Martha1 Martha (24 photos) 14.03.2012
Martha is another fresh real-life barefoot girl from our city and just hates shoes and loves walking around barefoot in the city streets. Just check out those cute grubby little feet.

Eyluh1 Eyluh (25 photos) 14.03.2012
Today The Feetosopher from Italy has contributed another gorgeous exotic barefoot model from Italy. Her name is Eyluh and she is a dream come true.

Rose videoclip 5 Rose (videoclip 2:28 min) 14.03.2012
This clip is usually sold in our store as "Rose's silky soles and long Toes". You get to see exactly that: The beautiful toes and soles of her large feet.

Zoe videoclip 16 Zoe (videoclip 2:36 min) 14.03.2012
In this video clip Zoe has a bouquet of beautiful flowers and crushes them under her strong pedicured feet until they are smashed to pieces.

Mandala + ChatNoir 1 Mandala and Chat Noir (77 photos) 16.02.2012
In this large photo set Mandala introduces her younger sister Chat Noir, and they both have a barefoot balloon popping session outdoors in Venice. This set was shot by The Feetosopher.

Gracie + Michelle 2 Gracie and Michelle (23 photos) 16.02.2012
This time Michelle and her friend Gracie are shoeless and show you their beautiful smooth soles and their pedicured toes while they pose on the university campus on a summer day.

Stefania9 Stefania (25 photos) 16.02.2012
This time lovely Stefania is walking outdoors barefooted in Venice / Italy on a very cold day to do some shopping. All photos in the set were shot by The Feetosopher.

Amber videoclip 10 Amber (videoclip 3:16 min) 16.02.2012
Great clip of Amber barefoot in jeans and showing off her lovely soles. You get to see them close-up. This is usually sold in our store as "Amber's Sole Show pt. 1".

Yvonne1 Yvonne (20 photos) 01.02.2012
Please welcome the latest hardcore barefoot girl Yvonne. She just loves walking barefoot outdoors and her soles just show. In this first set you get to admire her rough and dirty feet.

Jessica videoclip 1 Jessica (videoclip 7:31 minutes) 01.02.2012
This is probably the best toy car crush video we've made to date. Jessica does a great job at crushing these cars that a fan sent her by mail. Make sure to check this out! ;-)

Tia videoclip 11 Tia (videoclip 4:17 minutes) 01.02.2012
A lovely clip of blonde Tia and her gorgeous feet. Usually sold in our store under the name "Tia`s Silky Soles and French Pedicured Toes".

Nova1 Nova (20 photos) 21.12.2011
Please welcome Nova, a great new model who just loves walking around barefoot outdoors. In her debut photo set she starts off by showing you her beautiful black soles and her natural toes.

Aika1 Aika (21 photos) 21.12.2011
Aika is our second new model to make an appearance on Toes-in-Action this update. She has lovely long toes, high arches and smooth soles, as well as some tattoos on the tops of both feet.

Alyssa + Valentina 1 Alyssa and Valentina (20 photos) 21.12.2011
It is late autumn but Alyssa braves the cold for one more barefoot walk together with her supersexy friend Valentina. The photos were taken by The Feetosopher from Italy.

Brit8 Brit (28 photos) 21.12.2011
Blonde beauty Brit is out in the park on a perfect summer day and has her cute toes polished bright blue. You get to see some close ups of her silky smooth soles and a few flip-flop shots.


Janina (13 photos)

The second part of gorgeous Janina in her black bikini. Her lovely long toes are french pedicured and her soles dirty from walking around barefoot outdoors.

Kira videoclip 1 Kira (videoclip 3:24 min) 21.12.2011
Kira is barefoot in jeans and uses her super sexy bare feet to crush some Christmas chocolate decoration. In the end she is standing on a heap of broken chocolate pieces.

Rose videoclip 4 Rose (videoclip 2:47 min) 21.12.2011
Rose has beautiful slender feet and toes & soles to for. She is outdoors and sticks her feet into the camera, spreading her long toes and showing off those wrinkly soft soles.

Popping Balloons after the Party Popping Balloons after Party (videoclip 3:13 min) 21.12.2011
A female friend made this clip for us after a party -- she walks through two rooms and pops all the left over balloons with her beautiful bare feet, filmed from her own point of view.

Carmen24 Carmen (27 photos) 09.12.2011
New photos of gorgeous Carmen, one of the longest working foot models for Toes-in-Action. She has been showing off her pretty feet since 2003. Here you get to see her lovely black polished toes.

Heike19 Heike (28 photos) 09.12.2011
Heike walks barefoot on a summer day and takes a rest on the roof of a parking garage. Her soles are pitch black from the dirty floor. These pics were shot during the visit of The Feetosopher.

Emma + Denise videoclip 1 Emma and Denise (videoclip 3:59 min) 09.12.2011
Denise & Emma are wearing jeans, have their toes polished black & orange, and have jewellery on their pretty peds. They show off their bare soles and arches, and spread those cute toes.

Paula videoclip 3 Paula (videoclip 3:20 min) 09.12.2011
Paula is barefoot in her bell-bottom jeans and has a large sheet of bubble wrap in front of her. She uses her bare feet and her cute toes to pop the bubbles by jumping and walking over them.

Gin2 Gin (24 photos) 24.11.2011
Lovely Gin is outdoors on the streets of the city and is barefoot with tough, dirty soles. Her slender feet, long toes and high arches are a foot-dream come true and she is a true barefooter. Great!

Angelina8 Angelina (20 photos) 24.11.2011
Angelina has her toes pedicured in pink and is wearing lots of foot jewellery as well es different types of shoes. She has open toed pumps, high heels and leather sandals.

Aiko2 Aiko (28 photos) 24.11.2011
Barefoot dreamgirl Aiko heads to the harbor of Venice on a blazing hot summer day, showing off her sexy but hard-soled tattooed feet. The photos were taken by the Feetosopher from Italy.

Trishelle5 Trishelle (14 photos) 24.11.2011
Trishelle is outdoors on a gorgeous summer day and shows you her perfect soles and pink polished toes. She is wearing sexy foot jewellery as well.

Zoé30 Zoé (30 photos) 08.11.2011
Barefoot in the city pt. 2 -- Gorgeous Zoe walked barefoot in the city while our friend The Feetosopher was over for a visit. Here are some pics of her on the streets and in the park.

Amber9 Amber (34 photos) 08.11.2011
Punk girl Amber presents her bare feet, high arches, sexy red toes and her soles together with a bunch of balloons. She then uses her feet to pop them all by stepping onto them.


Alicia (19 photos)

Alicia, one of our most popular models, is out the river with her dog and is wearing first a pair of green peep toe pumps and then a red pair. Her toes are also polished in red.

Cadiz4 Cadiz (16 photos) 08.11.2011
Hardcore barefoot girl Cadiz continues her outdoor stroll without any shoes & socks, and shows off her bare feet and multi-colour polished toes.

Liyah10 Liyah (24 photos) 13.10.2011
A new photo set of exotic beauty Liyah and her gorgeously pedicured pink toes and high arches. She first shows you her feet in flip flops and then her bare feet outdoors.

Katja8 Katja (24 photos) 13.10.2011
A new set of real-life dreadlocked barefoot girl Katja. She is outdoors in the city and shows her hardcore soles. Warning: They are really rough & tough from walking without shoes for months.

Carmen videoclip 5 Carmen (videoclip 4:06 min) 13.10.2011
Elegant Carmen is sitting on a blue couch in the studio and shows off her elegant bare feet. You get to see her perfectly pedicured red toes and those beautiful smooth soles.

Lily videoclip 4 Lily (videoclip 9:27 min) 13.10.2011
This clip is usually sold in our video clip store as "Lily's Barefoot Walk " and is almost 10 minutes long and 180 MB in size. Watch as she walks barefoot in jeans on the street.

Madeline2 Madeline (21 photos) 06.10.2011
More of gorgeous tall blond barefoot hippy girl Madeline. She shows off more of her large feet and great looking toes & soles out on the lawn and on a flight of stairs.

Serena4 Serena (24 photos) 06.10.2011
A perfect summer day and Serena give you view of her soft, smooth soles and her arches & toes. She is in the park near a water fountains, and is in flip flops as well as barefoot in jeans.

Svenja5 Svenja (30 photos) 06.10.2011
Svenja walks around barefoot in jeans and also in her colourful dress, and shows her red polished toes and dirty soles out in the park and on the street.

Uma4 Uma (21 photos) 06.10.2011
Uma takes on a barefoot tour of Verona in early spring when the weather suddenly turned colder. She put on her coat but continued walking barefoot. All photos by the talented Feetosopher.

Kea1 Kea (22 photos) 22.09.2011
Today we bring you another lovely urban hippy model from the photo collection of our Italian friend The Feetosopher. Please welcome red-headed barefoot beauty Kea.

Franky1 Franky (31 photos) 22.09.2011
Franky is our latest foot model and loves walking barefoot. She has rough & tough soles and tests them out in the city and on the gravel in the deserted railyard.

Olga videoclip 2 Olga (videoclip 2:48 minutes) 22.09.2011
Hot bikini girl Olga has fun crushing grapes under her perfectly pedicured toes. She squishes them beneath her soles and sexy long toes, and jumps onto them with both of her beautiful feet.

Tia videoclip 10 Tia (videoclip 2:57 minutes) 22.09.2011
Blonde Tia has her pretty toes polished with a french pedicure and is wearing multiple toe rings and anklets. She sits on a chair and plays with a wine bottle on the floor.


Mother + Daughter (23 photos)

Ruby came with her mom Annabelle to one of the photo sessions. Annabelle has gorgeous looking feet, and together with her daughter shows off those pedicured toes and smooth soles.


Ava (21 photos)

Gorgeous Ava is outdoors on a sunny day and has taken off her Converse Chucks to walk around barefoot. You get to see some close-ups of her pretty dirty soles at the train station.

Kendra6 Kendra (22 photos) 14.09.2011
It is a hot summer's day and Kendra is on the deserted roof-top of a car park. She shows you her silky soles and her light-blue polished toes, as well as her high arches.

Stefania8 Stefania (20 photos) 14.09.2011
Another great photo set of Italian barefoot model Stefania shot by the great Feetosopher. In this shot she walks barefoot in jeans in the city and shows off her natural toes and dirty soles.

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