Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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This is what you can find in the members area.
- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Lorelay (19 photos)

Lorelay is our latest model and her feet are slender and beautiful, with extremely long and flexible toes. Here is a set of photos showing her soft soles and gorgeous toes with foot jewellery and red polish.

Judith videoclip 1 Judith (videoclip 2:10 minutes) 05.09.2005
Judith found a cluster of blue balloons in the city that perfectly matched her light blue nail polish. She plays around with them, pressing her pretty toes into the soft rubber before stomping them barefooted.


Annette (16 photos)

Annette found our website on Google and came over to model her beautiful bare feet --- they are long and slender, and her pretty toes painted pink. This first set shows her creamy soles in blue jeans.


Luna (17 photos)

Luna is an emo-punk girl and a real life barefooter. She loves walking barefoot and shoes make her feet ache ;-) Here you can see Luna remove her Converse and her socks and show you her black dirty soles.

Ananda1 Ananda (14 photos) 26.08.2005
Ananda just looks absolutely fabulous in her green dress and pink & red leg warmers. Her toes are coloured bright neon orange, and she wears two silver toe rings.

Lessien8 Lessien (13 photos) 26.08.2005
Lessien climbs onto a rope jungle-gym on a playground and shows her long toes and slender soles.

Sami videoclip 1 Sami (videoclip 2:32 minutes) 20.08.2005
This is a lovely video clip of Sami`s elegant bare toes and soles. She sits out on the lawn and rubs her slender long toes together, then lies on her stomach and dangles her classy feet in the air.


Isa (14 photos)

New model Isa and her fantastic bare soles. Here you get to see close-ups of her beautiful bare feet with the focus being on her soles --- wrinkly and with spread toes. Great foot jewellery as well.

Zoé and Celina 1 Zoé and Celina (22 photos) 19.08.2005
Zoé and Celina walk barefoot through the city, showing their beautiful toes and dirty black soles. They stop at a water fountain, a cafe and a monument. More to come...

Tia + Jenn 11 Tia and Jenn (24 photos) 19.11.2005
Tia and Jenn are on a blanket in the park. They show their cute toes in flip flops and then proceed to give each other a foot rub. Very sweet.

MichelleAnanda videoclip 4 Michelle and Ananda (videoclip 2:27 min) 16.08.2005
A long video clip in excellent quality of our two cuties Ananda and Michelle squishing grapes under their beautiful bare feet. Lots of foot jewellery and red nailpolish.


Lisa (22 photos)

Summer photos of Lisa barefoot in rolled up pants, a black top and with natural bare feet, enjoying the water of a lake.

Heike3 Heike (21 photos) 12.08.2005
Bare city feet pt. 3 -- More of Heike`s beautiful bare feet and dirty soles as she walks barefoot through the city.

Ana María5 Ana María (9 photos) 12.08.2005
Ana María in a short jeans skirt out on the lawn in "the pose". You get to see her long toes and sweet soles --- her toes are painted dark red.


Denise (21 photos)

New model Denise looks fantastic in her t-shirt, jeans and bare feet. Her toes are coloured shiny purple and covered in foot jewellery. She spreads her small toes and sticks her soft soles into the camera.


Rike (9 photos)

Rike sticks her sweet pink toes up against a tree trunk and bends and spreads them. Nice close-ups of her soles.

Maria12 Maria (7 photos) 09.08.2005
A cute short photo set of Maria`s pretty red toes in the water of a brook.

Lena videoclip 2 Lena (videoclip 2:27 min) 06.08.2005
A great video clip of Lena, usually sold in our store as "Lena`s Cute Toes and Soft Soles". This clip is crystal clear, smooth and in a high resolution of 480x360. For more description visit our video store here.

Judith001 Judith (16 photos) 04.08.2005
Our latest model Judith has her cute toes painted a sparky mint green. She starts off in her strappy leather sandals, but soon removes them to dip her bare feet into the water of a nearby fountain.

Mia001 Mia (21 photos) 04.08.2005
Mia is a new model at Toes-in-Action with sweet natural feet and incredibly wrinkly soles. In this first set you get to see her bare feet from all angles.

Sami001 Sami (14 photos) 29.07.2005
Sami is another beautiful model from Persia. She is new to our website and her feet & long curly toes look absolutely fantastic. Prepare yourself for a treat in the members area ;)

Eva Feet Contribution Pics by Eva Feet (30 photos) 29.07.2005
A cute mix of pictures kindly contributed by Eva Feet. Eva has beautiful toes and soles --- in this gallery you can see her in nylons, heels and of course barefoot.
** Visit Eva`s website by clicking the picture **

Becky1 Becky (20 photos) 27.07.2005
Becky is our latest model with super soft soles. Here are her first photos and they are a collection of great close-ups of her bare feet in jeans.

Carmen12 Carmen (25 photos) 27.07.2005
Gorgeous Carmen all in red with black sandals and dark red polish. She then removes her shoes to show you more of her wrinkly soles and elegant toes.

AnnaLaura videoclip 2 Anna and Laura (videoclip 1:07 min) 22.07.2005
Another cute video clip of our two cuties Anna & Laura and their long toes and high arches. This time they dip their feet into the lake water.

Sexy Long Toes Contribution Pics by Sexy Long Toes (28 photos) 22.07.2005
Piper of Sexy Long Toes has incredible long toes, and they are absolutely perfect. In this set she sits on a blanket in the evening sun and shows her feet.
** Visit the website by clicking the picture **

Emily videoclip 3 Emily (videoclip 0:46 min) 22.07.2005
It was raining and Emily walked around barefoot in her cute raincoat with her umbrella, dipping her pink toes into a big puddle on the street.


Sarah (23 photos)

Stylish Sarah poses in her shiny black vinyl high heels, showing her perfect long toes in silver polish and with lots of foot jewellery.

Ellen12 Ellen (27 photos) 18.07.2005
A mixture of photos showing sweet Ellen`s blue polished toes in flip flops, straw sandals and barefoot.

Isa + Denise videoclip 1 Isa and Denise (videoclip 1:18 min) 14.07.2005
Our two latest pretty models Isa and Denise have fun crushing kiwis under their feet. They squish them simultaniously with their heels wearing flip flops and barefooted with their polished toes.

Fenna1 Fenna (18 photos) 13.07.2005
Fenna is a new foot model at Toes-in-Action with slender long legs and fantastic looking feet. In her first set you can see her smoking a cig and then crushing it under her pretty leather sandals.

Étoile1 Étoile (16 photos) 10.07.2005
Walking barefoot pt. 1 -- Our latest model is Étoile and she is a real life barefooter. In fact she already arrived at the photo shoot in her bare feet, with nice dirty soles. See more in the members area...

Mara1 Mara (9 photos) 09.07.2005
Please give a hearty welcome to Mara, our latest model with lovely elegant feet. Her red toes and tender soles are simply to die for. Here are some photos of her in classy leather sandals.

Jona + Jula 15 Jona and Jula (22 photos) 08.07.2005
Jona and Jula`s bare feet in colourful flip flops. Flexible toes, soft soles, jeans and sole shots is what you get to see in this picture set.

Kaya5 Kaya (20 photos) 08.07.2005
Barefoot stroll in the city pt. 5 -- Kaya continues to walk through the city in bare feet and shows you her dirty black soles, leather anklet, barefoot sandal and two toe rings. Delicious natural feet.

Lea5 Lea (17 photos) 05.07.2005
Lea`s cute as ever barefoot in a park. She puts her feet up on a tree trunk and gives you a closer look at her soft soles.

Candid43 Candid Street Feet pt. 43 (16 photos) 05.07.2005
Some candid feet photos from a festival and some more pics of ladies showing us their soles on the streets.

Steph`s Feet Contribution Pics by Steph`s Feet (24 photos) 05.07.2005
More photos of cute Steph and her gorgeous soft soles and pink toes.
** Visit her site at Steph`s Feet or click the photo **

Celina6 Celina (8 photos) 03.07.2005
Elegant Celina is on a barefoot stroll through the city together with Zoé. Here are some photos of her gorgeous dirty soles and high arches.

Zoé11 Zoé (8 photos) 03.07.2005
Zoé walks barefoot through the city together with Celina and gets her soles nice and dirty. She stops to make a call on a public telephone, so you can see her black soles and pink toes.

Loulou + Romy 13 Loulou and Romy (10 photos) 03.07.2005
Loulou and Romy`s pedicured toes in flip flops.


Salma and Molly (14 photos)

Our two latest barefoot models Salma and Molly make their debut by showing you their wrinkly soles and pointy toes. Enjoy ;)


Paulina (12 photos)

Paulina balances on a wooden fence in her straw flip flops, and you get to see her bright red toes and slightly sandy feet.

Jenny3 Jenny (13 photos) 24.06.2005
Sweet Jenny barefoot in jeans with foot jewellery and dark red polish. You get to see her extremely soft silky soles in different poses.

HandsFeet1 Hands and Feet (13 photos) 24.06.2005
Our models could also be hand models --- they have beautiful feet and very elegant hands and fingers. Here is a collection of ten different models.

Zoé videoclip 5 Zoé (videoclip 1:43 min) 24.06.2005
Zoe slowly squishes a plate of juicy strawberries to a pulp and then shows you her soft wet soles. Her feet and toes look absolutely gorgeous with pink sparkly polish and two silver anklets

Coed Feet Contribution Video Clip by Coed Feet (2:00 min) 24.06.2005
"My feet are so hot" says Ronna from Coed Feet after sensually having removed her shoes & socks after jogging. See for yourself in this two minute video.
* Visit Ronna at Coed Feet by clicking the photo *

Tasha1 Tasha (14 photos) 17.06.2005
Our latest model Tasha has perfect long toes, silky smooth soles and an amazing smile. Here are a bunch of pics of Tasha barefoot in jeans on a park bench.

Jeannine16 Jeannine (15 photos) 17.06.2005
Photos of Jeannine`s bright red toes in the brown earth of the forest, on green grass and in a pile of straw.

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