Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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This is what you can find in the members area.
- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Denise and Lorelay 2

Denise and Lorelay (19 photos)

Here are some more nice quality photos of Denise and Lorelay barefoot on campus. Their beautiful toes are pedicured in bright pink and dark red, and the girls show you their soles as well.

Carmen20 Carmen (32 photos) 18.01.2008
Goth model Carmen looks amazing as usual. In this great photo set she is outdoors in a park and is wearing two different pairs of strappy heels and also shows her bare feet.

Becky5 Becky (20 photos) 18.01.2008
Becky crushes a cigarette under her sexy wooden sandals and red polished toes, and then lets you see her bare soles while sitting on a bench.

Katharina and Penelop 7 Penelop and Katharina (30 photos) 18.01.2008
Two sisters pt. 3 -- Penelop and her 18-year-old sister Katharina show off their bare feet in sandals on a park bench and their soles while sitting on a wall.

Hilka4 Hilka (21 photos) 09.01.2008
Hilka looks sexy in her tight jeans, light blue top and long blonde hair. She shows off her beautiful bare soles while enjoying the sun on stone steps outdoors in the city.

Luce + Stella1 Luce and Stella (25 photos) 09.01.2008
Luce and Stella stroll around barefoot in Venice railway station on a cold winter day and show off their pretty toes and dirty, black soles. All photos taken by The Feetosopher from Italy.

Lily videoclip 2 Lily (videoclip 3:06 min) 09.01.2008
This clip is usually sold in our video clip store as "Lily`s red polished Toes and soft Soles". Lily is sitting on a chair in the photo studio and shows off her pretty toes and soles.

Hanna videoclip 2 Hanna (videoclip 2:47 min) 09.01.2008
Hanna is outdoors and first shows off her pretty soles and then crushes a bunch of colourful balloons under her bare feet.

Liz3 Liz (33 photos) 02.01.2008
Sweet Liz is outdoors in the park and shows off those tender soft soles and brightly polished toes while barefoot in jeans.


Angelique (35 photos)

In this set Angelique walks though the old part of town, which is an attraction for tourists, without any shoes and socks. She shows off those tough dirty soles of hers.

Amber videoclip 3 Amber (videoclip 4:35 min) 02.01.2008
Punk girl Amber is outdoors on her balcony and has her bare feet propped up on the table. She squirts some lotion onto her soles and starts to rub her feet one after another.

Emily videoclip 8 Emily (videoclip 4:56 min) 02.01.2008
Here is a clip from Emily`s crush series. She is wearing green polish on her beautiful toes and squishing lemons & oranges with flip flops and barefooted.

Sami8 Sami (17 photos) 21.12.2007
Sami has her perfectly pedicured toes in green leather flip flop sandals and lets you look at them while she poses outdoors in the park. There are also some images of her gorgeous smooth soles.

Amy + Mia2 Amy and Mia (35 photos) 21.12.2007
Some great pics of wrinkly-soles queen Mia and her friend Amy. Both of them were walking barefoot in the park and show you their natural soles and toes.

Olga3 Olga (21 photos) 21.12.2007
More sexy pics of Olga and her gorgeous bare feet. She is outside in the park on a bench and let you look at her lucious long tanned legs, her beautiful soles and those long toes.

Heike10 Heike (14 photos) 21.12.2007
Some photos of Heike while she was walking barefoot outdoors during the shoot for her video clips on a building site (see our clip store). She shows off her dirty soles.

Salma + Jade videoclip 2 Salma and Jade (videoclip 2:09 min) 21.12.2007
These two 18-year-old friends have fun crushing a big red balloon under their perfectly pedicured bare feet until it pops with a loud bang.

Dita videoclip 2 Dita (videoclip 3:45 min) 21.12.2007
Dita lotions her smooth bare soles while she is sitting on a red blanket in the park. This clip is usually sold in our store as "Dita lotions her Soles".

Mara6 Mara (34 photos) 12.12.2007
Mara is barefoot outdoors and shows you her perfectly polished red toes and beautiful wrinkly soles. She also wears a french manicure on her pretty fingers.

Sexy Long Toes Contribution Pics by Sexy Long Toes (42 photos) 12.12.2007
If you like long toes you will love this contribution gallery of beautiful red haired Siren from Sexy Long Toes. Her pretty toes are polished dark black.
** Click on the photo to visit the website **

Luce1 Luce (25 photos) 12.12.2007
Our Italian friend The Feetosopher strikes again and brings you this great photo set of Luce. She walks around barefoot in the super-dirty railway station of Bologna.

Nic6 Nic (26 photos) 12.12.2007
Nic and her soft soles are outdoors on a park bench. You can see her in her Havaiana flip flops and barefooted. Some nice toe spreading pics.


Ava (23 photos)

Ava has some beautiful long toes, high arches and perfect looking soles. Here are pics of her out in the park showing off her feet in leather sandals and barefooted.

Jeannine23 Jeannine (21 photos) 05.12.2007
Another great photo set of beautiful and very popular foot model Jeannine as she walks barefoot outside and then sits down to let you see her pretty peds.

Celina11 Celina (31 photos) 05.12.2007
Celina has her delicious feet dipped in the water of a lake while sitting on a wooden jetty. She then gets out some juicy grapes and squishes them with her gorgeous looking toes.

Inga3 Inga (23 photos) 05.12.2007
Inga is outside on a park bench and gives you a look at her sweet feet in red flip flops and barefooted. You get to see close-ups of her smooth soles and red polished toes.

Ananda7 Ananda (16 photos) 05.12.2007
Sexy Ananda is outdoors smoking a cigarette. She is wearing her infamous green dress and is barefoot in open toed shoes. After finishing the cigarette the crushes it under her pretty feet.

Angelina3 Angelina (25 photos) 28.11.2007
Elegant Angelina is in barefoot in the front hall of her college and lotions her beautiful soles before sticking them into the camera lens to show you her beautiful feet.

Barbara + Penelop2 Barbara and Penelop (22 photos) 28.11.2007
Barbara and Penelop are outdoors on a blanket by the lake and show off their pink & orange polished toes in flip flops and covered with foot jewellery.

LadyD2 Lady D (21 photos) 28.11.2007
Another great set from beautiful Lady D, this time walking barefoot outdoors on a cold day. The photos were taken by the wizard of dirty soles... The Feetosopher.

Shirin3 Shirin (22 photos) 28.11.2007
More of nineteen-year-old real-life hardcore barefoot girl Shirin, who has been going daily without shoes & socks for several months. Warning: Extremely tough soles!

Aloha4 Aloha (31 photos) 21.11.2007
Aloha`s sexy feet in a variety of different shoes... black sandals, two different pairs of flip flops and white heels, all outdoors in the park.


Denise (20 photos)

Some photos of Denise posing her beautiful bare feet on a bunch of balloons before popping them for her video clip. There are also some pics of her pretty soles without balloons and lotioned up.

Fee3 Fee (30 photos) 21.11.2007
More photos of real-life barefoot girl Fee after having walked in the city without shoes & socks. Here she is outdoors on a blanket and shows you those beautiful dirty soles.

Amber3 Amber (42 photos) 21.11.2007
First punk girl Amber starts off outside on her balcony and shows her clean soft soles. Then she decides to go for a walk and leaves her shoes at home...roaming the streets barefoot.

Three Girls 2 Three Girls (22 photos) 14.11.2007
Three girls pt. 2 -- Lorelay, Denise and Barbara are together in the park and have their toes pimped up with loads of jewellery and beautiful nail polish.


Annette (28 photos)

Annette is barefoot and in leather sandal flip flops on a perfect summer day and shows you her soft wrinkly soles and long pink toes.

Miriam5 Miriam (16 photos) 14.11.2007
Barefoot at the university pt. 5 -- Miriam is barefoot on the campus of the local university and shows you her sweet filthy soles and cute red toes.

Étoile6 Étoile (15 photos) 14.11.2007
Here are some photos of barefoot girl Etoile outdoors on a park bench. These photos show her clean and smooth soles after she walked through the mud and cleaned her feet in the lake..

Nikita3 Nikita (17 photos) 07.11.2007
Exotic Persian beauty Nikita shows you her sexy soles and red polished toes as she lies outdoors on the lawn and poses on a bridge.

Dita3 Dita (20 photos) 07.11.2007
Emo-style girl Dita is barefoot outdoors in a park and shows off her soft bare soles and her french pedicure. She is wearing two anklets and three toe rings in this set.

Stefania1 Stefania (22 photos) 07.11.2007
Another great photoset with an Italian model called Stefania -- here she walks barefoot in the residential area of Venice on a cold winter day. All photos were shot by maestro The Feetosopher.


Paulina (27 photos)

Paulina`s sweet long pink toes in flip flops and barefoot in the park. She has slightly dirty soles in this set from walking barefoot.

Michelle3 Michelle (17 photos) 30.10.2007
Gorgeous Michelle is outside near a water fountain and is wearing her black open toed sandals. She has three toerings and two anklets on her perfect feet, and her nails are polished bright orange.

Rike10 Rike (24 photos) 30.10.2007
Rike has her attractive bare feet propped up against a tree trunk and sticks her soles into the camera lens. Her toenails are pedicured dark blue and decorated with silver toe rings.

Tasha6 Tasha (22 photos) 30.10.2007
Tasha`s silver polished toes match her elegant manicured fingernails. She is barefoot outdoors and lets you look at her soles and flexible toes.

Heike9 Heike (24 photos) 30.10.2007
Heike has her cute toes polished sparkly orange and is barefoot on a bench, showing you her soft soles and curly toes. She also wears leather sandals in some pics.

Sami7 Sami (18 photos) 24.10.2007
Sami has some of the most delicious looking toes with long toenails that are perfectly pedicured in bright orange. She is up on a tree in green slippers and soon shows you her bare toes & soles.

LadyD1 Lady D (27 photos) 24.10.2007
Lady D looks amazing strolling barefoot on the platforms of the railway station. The filthy floor soon turns her bare soles nice and black. All photos were made by the grandmaster The Feetosopher.

Fenna5 Fenna (18 photos) 24.10.2007
Fenna`s gorgeous soles while she is outdoors on a blanket in the park. First we see her beautiful soft soles dry, then she applies some oil.

Saya2 Saya and Judith (28 photos) 24.10.2007
Indian girl Saya and her friend Judith are both barefoot on campus and walk among the building, while showing off their soles.

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