Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Maria5 Maria (14 photos) 30.01.2004
Oh my God! Maria`s prefect feet with a pink polish pedicure, toe ring and bright yellow flip flops are a marvelous sight to be seen!

Candid10 Candid Street Feet pt. 10 (20 photos) 30.01.2004
Balloon crush pt. 1 -- Watch three cute girls use their sweet bare feet and pretty toes to make balloons burst into pieces.

Zoé6 Zoé (15 photos) 30.01.2004
Black is beautiful --- Zoe`s bare feet with black nail polish in black flip flops look absolutely stunning, and her perfect legs look breath taking as well...

Carmen7 Carmen (21 photos) 28.01.2004
Another extremely stylish photo collection of Carmen in a local park. She slowly takes off her black knee high boots to show her nyloned feet with dark polish.

Candid9 Candid Street Feet pt. 9 (20 photos) 28.01.2004
Feet, feet and more feet of cute girls on the city streets in summer.

Ellen7 Ellen (19 photos) 28.01.2004
Barefoot on her bike pt. 2 -- More of Ellen in her tank top and barefoot in blue jeans with green polish, riding her bike.

Jona + Jula 9 Jona and Jula (17 photos) 19.01.2004
Jona and Jula stick blue ripe grapes between their bare toes and squash them, so that the juices squirt. Many pretty sole shots, too.

Candid8 Candid Street Feet pt. 8 (20 photos) 19.01.2004
Another wide variety of candid pictures, ranging from dark nailpolish to silver, blue, red and natural.

Loulou1 Loulou (12 photos) 19.01.2004
Loulou in purple flip flops with orange nailpolish and a golden anklet, plus photo of her on a tree barefoot, showing her soles.

Fela10 Fela (15 photos) 08.01.2004
Fela rests on a stone bench in the park and slips on an extra toering, showing her flexible long toes in fiery red polish and her sexy soles.

Candid7 Candid Street Feet pt. 7 (20 photos) 08.01.2004
More girl`s feet in shoes and bare photographed in the heat of summer...

Jeannine10 Jeannine (11 photos) 08.01.2004
Jeannine kneels down and slips out of her golden sandals. She bends her toes and displays her soft soles and smooth legs.

Lessien vidclip 2 Lessien (videoclip 1:01 min) 03.01.2004
Lessien has fun stepping on balloons and making them explode with loud bangs under her sweet bare feet. She picks up the rubber shards with her toes afterwards...

Candid6 Candid Street Feet pt. 6 (20 photos) 03.01.2004
More shoes, bare feet and pretty toes captured on film in summer...

Sofie vidclip 2 Sofie (videoclip 1:05 min) 03.01.2004
This clip shows the beauty of Sofie`s smooth, soft bare soles and her pretty toes, as she bends and wrinkles them for the camera.

Tia videoclip 1 Tia (videoclip 1:15 min) 28.12.2003
Tia goes straight down to business: She slips out of her flip flops and squishes a bunch of juicy grapes under her awesome bare feet.

Candid5 Candid Street Feet pt. 5 (20 photos) 28.12.2003
Sandals, bare feet, pretty nailpolish, pumps, flip flops, beautiful toes and more on the streets in summer.

Lisa4 Lisa (16 photos) 28.12.2003
Get a glimpse of Lisa`s bare and wrinkled soft soles and her natural, long toes. She looks great in a black dress and red top.

Maria4 Maria (13 photos) 19.12.2003
Feet look incredibly sexy in wooden getas, and Maria`s peds with dark nailpolish on her pretty toes make no exception. A nice contrast to her fair skin.

Candid4 Candid Street Feet pt. 4 (20 photos) 19.12.2003
The candid camera strikes again to bring you a neat collection of feet from the street...

Zoé5 Zoé (22 photos) 19.12.2003
Another beautiful barefoot photo series of Zoé in foot action. Dark nailpolish, toerings and the world`s smoothest soles and legs to infatuate you...

Carmen6 Carmen (23 photos) 12.12.2003
God, I love this black and white photoset of Carmen. She looks absolutely stunning posing against a graffiti covered wall with her dark nailpolish and sandals.

Candid3 Candid Street Feet pt. 3 (20 photos) 12.12.2003
Part three of our candid summer feet. Again a variety of bare feet, flip-flops, heels and pumps...

Ellen6 Ellen (11 photos) 12.12.2003
Barefoot on her bike pt. 1 -- Ellen ready to ride on her bike. She looks cute in her tank top and barefoot in blue jeans with green polish.

Candid2 Candid Street Feet pt. 2 (20 photos) 05.12.2003
The second part of our candid summer feet showing a variety of photos ranging from bare feet to high-heels.

Loulou + Romy 7 Loulou and Romy (12 photos) 05.11.2003
The sunlight reflects on the water surface and makes Loulou and Romy`s beautifully painted toes appear even more marvelous.

Jona + Jula 8 Jona and Jula (19 photos) 05.12.2003
Jona and Jula splash around in the lake water and dip their natural toes into the green weed floating on the surface.

Candid1 Candid Street Feet pt. 1 (20 photos) 28.11.2003
A new section showing a wild variety of candid summer pics. See girl`s bare feet on the street or in flip-flops, sandals, high-heels, polished, natural...

Fela9 Fela (25 photos) 28.11.2003
If you like bare feet and balloons you will love this set of Fela. Perfectly pedicured toes and her amazing soles make these photos something special.

Jeannine9 Jeannine (23 photos) 28.11.2003
Golden sandals pt. 2 -- Jeannine shows her cute feet in her sandals, with dark nailpolish and an anklet, on a perfect summer day in the park.

Sofie2 Sofie (9 photos) 21.11.2003
A bit of an arty photoset with Sofie in jeans sitting on a blanket and playing with some shiny marbles. She is wearing a red toering to match her beautiful polished toes.

Lessien2 Lessien (18 photos) 21.11.2003
Lessien sits on a bench in the park and slowly takes off her combat boots and cool socks to reveal her red polished toes.

Tia + Jenn 3 Tia and Jenn (12 photos) 21.11.2003
Jenn and Tia sit on a stone wall and let their legs hang. Nice shots of their bare feet and some sole shots, too.

Lisa videoclip 1 Lisa (videoclip 1:08 min) 14.11.2003
Lisa removes her flip-flops and plays around with her bare feet in a patch of wet sand and mud. Nice dirty sole shots at the end.

Maria videoclip 1 Maria (videoclip 1:37 min) 14.11.2003
Maria empties a bag of grapes on the floor, removes her sandals and crushes them with her dark polished toes -- On tiptoes and also one-by-one with her toes.

Zoé videoclip 1 Zoé (videoclip 0:34 min) 14.11.2003
A cute short clip of Zoé`s bare feet up on a picnic table. She stretches and curls her brightly polished toes and wrinkles her smooth soles.

Jeannine8 Jeannine (8 photos) 07.11.2003
Golden sandals pt. 1 -- Jeannine poses in her pretty sandals, wearing light orange polish, a toering and a silver anklet.

Carmen5 Carmen (17 photos) 07.11.2003
Carmen presents her long legs in the best way possible -- In black nylons and shiny black boots on a sunny autumn day.

Ellen5 Ellen (19 photos) 07.11.2003
A b/w photoseries of Ellen chilling out at the lake in army pants & a tank top while cooling her bare feet in the lake water.

Jona1 Jona (14 photos) 31.10.2003
Jona`s shows her freshly oiled feet in chinese wooden getas , wearing a silver anklet.

Romy2 Romy (10 photos) 31.10.2003
Cute Romy climbs a tree barefoot in her darkblue dress, spreads her toes and shows some soles to die for.

Jeannine7 Jeannine (21 photos) 31.10.2003
Jeannine slips into a pair of heels and shows her incredible legs and beautifully polished toes. Yes, there`s shoe-dangling as well ;)

Fela8 Fela (24 video stills) 24.10.2003
Some video stills taken from a custom video featuring Fela and her beautiful bare soles. 23 pictures of her pretty smooth soles and awesome toes.

Fela7 Fela (22 video stills) 24.10.2003
Some more stills taken from a custom video. Here she takes off her sneakers, puts rings onto her pretty polished toes and sticks the soles into the camera.

Fela videoclip 2 Fela (videoclip 0:55 min) 24.10.2003
A cute clip taken from a custom video -- Fela sits in the sun and shows her beautiful bare soles. Very wide toe spreading and nice close ups.

Sofie1 Sofie (10 photos) 17.10.2003
Pretty purple nailpolish and two yellow flowers -- a cute combination in Sofie`s first barefoot photoset.

Lessien1 Lessien (19 photos) 17.10.2003
Lessien`s first set of pictures, in which she enjoys the bright autumn sun and shows her bare feet while resting on a ping-pong table.

Tia2 Tia (17 photos) 17.10.2003
Tia`s gorgeous smooth soles and pretty polished toes in dark red is what you can enjoy in this photo series of 17 pictures.

Lisa3 Lisa (17 photos) 11.10.2003
A stylish set of Lisa in black & white: She balances across a wooden fence wearing her straw sandals with black straps and shows her natural bare toes.

Maria3 Maria (13 photos) 11.10.2003
Some pedal pumping in Maria´s car. She wears beautiful yellow flip flops and pretty pink polish, before taking off her shoes and pumping with her bare toes.

Zoé4 Zoé (11 photos) 11.10.2003
Zoé wears a pair of flip flops from the 70s and red nailpolish on her fantastic toes, while taking a short rest at a water fountain in the park.

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