Jeannine`s elegant feet in flip-flops.
Fela`s long toes and soft soles.
Jeannine`s slender foot.
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- Now contains more than 50000 photos and 500 video clips -
Photo sizes are in high quality 1600x1200 (older sets in lower resolution).
Video clips are 720x576 (older clips in lower resolution) and DivX encoded for high quality.
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Brit18 Brit (27 photos) 19.10.2014
Beautiful blonde Brit is outdoors in the park and shows off her blue pedicured toes and soft silky soles on a lovely summer's day. There are also a couple of pics in flip flops and sandals.

Natasha2 Natasha (20 photos) 19.10.2014
Part 2 of barefoot girl Natasha, who shows off more of her large feet in this gallery. She is in the streets of the suburb and you get to see her large dirty soles and pink toes.

Aiko + Alyssa 4 Aiko and Alyssa (20 photos) 19.10.2014
More of the two barefoot beauties from Italy: Aiko and Alyssa wait for the train to Venice and present their dirty soles to The Feetosopher's camera.

Aika3 Aika (21 photos) 08.10.2014
Aika is outdoors and shows off her lovely long toes, high arches and silky smooth soles, as well as her tattoos on the tops of both feet.


Majeira (20 photos)

Barefoot at the festival pt 2 -- Majeira lloves walking barefoot outdoors and in this set she is out at a festival. You even get to see her with some other barefoot girls.

Francesca17 Francesca (22 photos) 08.10.2014
Here are some great photos of gorgeous Francesca in the city in open toed sandals and barefooted. She has her long toes polished bright shiny purple and is wearing sexy foot jewellery.

Liv1 Liv (25 photos) 01.10.2014
Liv is a friend of Suse and this is her first photo set. She walks around barefoot in the city and shows off her red polished toes and pretty bare soles.

Jenz1 Jenz (20 photos) 01.10.2014
Please welcome new model Jenz. She has fun showing off her natural bare feet outdoors in the city. In this first set they are still quite clean but become nice and dirty in later sets.

Eyluh7 Eyluh (20 photos) 01.10.2014
Exotic beauty Eyluh has a glamorous barefoot walk along the Adige River in downtown Verona on a glorious sunny afternoon. All pics were taken by The Feetosopher from Italy.

Summer1 Summer (34 photos) 25.09.2014
Please welcome Summer, a tall beautiful barefooter who walks along the streets of our neighbourhood on a perfect summer day. She shows off her long legs and natural bare feet.

Shanti1 Shanti (23 photos) 25.09.2014
Cute dreadlocked barefoot girl Shanti is new to Toes-in-Action and walks around outdoors in the city while showing off her dirty black soles and orange polished toes.

Mara + Layla videoclip 10 Mara + Layla (videoclip 3:50 min) 25.09.2014
Lovely Mara was in for a crush session in our studio when her friend Layla spontaneously visited her and joined in on the fun. In this clip they crush balloons with their feet.

Dasha4 Dasha (26 photos) 18.09.2014
More of cute barefoot girl Dasha while outdoors in the city without any shoes. You get to see photos of her perfectly pedicured toes and her dirty soles out in the open.

Jan1 Jan (20 photos) 18.09.2014
Please welcome barefoot hippie girl Jan. She is from our neighbourhood and is a hardcore barefooter who even walks barefoot at freezing temperatures.

Eska3 Eska (17 photos) 18.09.2014
Eska shows more of her smooth silky soles barefoot in jeans. She wrinkles her soles, spreads her toes and shows you her high arches.


Kira (28 photos)

Beautiful Kira is outdoors in in jeans and barefooted, and shows off her smooth, cleans soles that get a little dirty by the end of the set. Her toes are polished bright green.

Sheila8 Sheila (25 photos) 12.09.2014
Gorgeous dreadlocked barefoot queen Sheila is outdoors near the deserted railyard and shows off her tough bare soles and natural unpolished toes.


Darja (23 photos)

Darja has fun showing off her pink polished toes and her soft soles, while she is outdoors barefoot in jeans.


Tuba (29 photos)

Here is a new part of the barefoot-in-the-city set. Lovely Tuba walks around town on a a warm sunny day and presents her cute bare feet and dirty black soles.


Judy (31 photos)

Judy is outdoors and barefoot, and shows off her red polished toes and soft soles in various poses. She is also wearing some anklets and toe rings.


Raweewan (24 photos)

In this photo set Raweewan is is wearing long jeans and is outdoors to show off her beautiful bare feet. She is wearing blue sparkly nail polish and some sexy foot jewellery.


Mona (22 photos)

Please welcome Mona and her pretty bare feet. In her first photo set she is outdoors in the street and in the park and shows off her dirty bare soles and black polished toes.

Uma6 Uma (34 photos) 01.09.2014
Real-life barefoot girl Uma is back. She puts on a hot feet show on the bank of Adige River in downtown Verona on a sunny autumn day. All photos were shot by The Feetosopher.

Tammy videoclip 1 Tammy (videoclip 3:33 min) 01.09.2014
While we were filming hardcore barefooter Tammy outdoors in the city she found a bunch of strawberries that someone had dropped on the street and she crushes them with her bare feet.

Carmen videoclip 7 Carmen (videoclip 2:40 min) 24.08.2014
Elegant Carmen crushes some plastic bottles and soda cans in our studio. First in her open toed sandals and then barefooted with her red polished toes and powerful soles.

Olga videoclip 4 Olga (videoclip 3:33 min) 24.08.2014
This is one of our most popular clips from the C4S clip store. It is called " Olga`s Awesome Toes and Soles pt. 2". It shows her lovely long tanned legs, beautiful pedicured toes & soft slender soles.


Celeste (26 photos)

Hippy barefoot girl Celeste is outdoors on the streets of a neighbouring city and shows off her super dirty black soles in various locations and in front of some shops.

Barbara + Penelop videoclip 2 Barbara and Penelop (videoclip 4:09 min) 17.08.2014
Barbara and Penelop are both outdoors and show off their bare soles on the wooden pier near a small lake. This is clip is usually sold in our C4S-store.

Heike videoclip 11 Heike (videoclip 2:04 min) 17.08.2014
A sweet clip showing lovely Heike squishing, crushing and popping a bunch of small balloons under her feet. First in flip flops and then barefooted.


Soraya (29 photos)

Persian beauty Soraya is outdoors and shows off her perfectly pedicured pink toes, long legs and slighty dirty soles. Make sure to check this gallery out ;-)

Heidi + Leni 1

Heidi and Leni (22 photos)

Two barefoot friends that are new to Toes-in-Action: Heidi and Leni are out in the streets of the city and both are barefoot in jeans with pedicured toes, dirty soles and foot jewellery.

Mara videoclip 9 Mara (videoclip 3:49 min) 10.08.2014
Lovely Mara crushes a whole bunch of empty plastic bottles --- first in her flip flops and then under her beautiful bare feet.


Janina (22 photos)

Lovely Janina is out in the city and walking around barefoot with her gorgeous feet. Her soles are dirty and her long toes painted with yellow polish.

Amanda5 Amanda (20 photos) 05.08.2014
More photos from blonde beauty Amanda. She is dressed to kill for a glamorous barefoot walk in Venice and strikes poses in the garden of a luxury hotel. All photos were shot by The Feetosopher.

Amber videoclip 15 Amber (videoclip 2:03 min) 05.08.2014
Amber uses her pretty pink pedicured feet in flip flops to pump up a camping-cushion. She then takes off her shoes and deflates the cushion under her bare feet.


Cynthia (20 photos)

Lovely Cynthia continues walking barefoot outdoors in the city in summer and shows off her tough dirty-black soles and her smooth skinned legs.


Josie (30 photos)

Tall, blonde beauty Josie has amazingly long legs and lovely large feet. Make sure to check out her long pedicured toes and gorgeous bare soles while she is out on a sunny summer's day.

Lo4 Lo (24 photos) 23.07.2014
Swedish punk girl Lo is barefoot in the streets of our neighbourhood and is wearing a perfect mint-green pedicure on her gorgeous toes.

Emmy1 Emmy (28 photos) 15.07.2014
New model Emmy is the sister of Nova and shows off her lovely smooth bare soles in this first set. Her toes are polished dark red and she is outside on a beautiful summer's day.

Nuur1 Nuur (24 photos) 15.07.2014
Nuur is an awesome hardcore barefoot woman with lovely feet and hardcore rough soles. She looks great in her long snake-patterned dress as she explored the streets of the city.

Zoe videoclip 23 Zoe (videoclip 2:16 min) 15.07.2014
Zoe uses her feet to squish and crush a bunch of plastic bottles (and one soda can). First she is in white socks, then barefooted and later in flip flops.

Martha3 Martha (30 photos) 02.07.2014
More of barefoot cutie Martha while out and about in the city. She shows off her grubby little feet and those dirty soles out on the streets.


Yella (20 photos)

Yella is outdoors on a bright summer`s day and shows you her natural, unpolished bare feet, toes and soft smooth soles. She is wearing jeans and silver foot jewellery.

Franky3 Franky (23 photos) 02.07.2014
Franky is dressed in her business outfit and is barefoot. She has rough & tough soles and tests them out on the gravel and various surfaces in the deserted railyard.

Brit16 Brit (25 photos) 25.06.2014
Beautiful blonde Brit is outdoors in the park and shows off her blue pedicured toes and soft silky soles on a lovely summer's day. There are also a couple of pics in flip flops.

BlnProject2 Three Girls (27 photos) 25.06.2014
Valeria, Bara and Azazella are barefoot outdoors and pop a couple of balloons under their bare feet. Some of the balloons give up quite a fight and the girls have to squish them simultaneously.

Mandala5 Mandala (17 photos) 25.06.2014
Here are some more photos of Mandala walking barefoot in the city and getting her soles nice and dirty. All the photos were shot by the one and only Feetosopher from Italy.

Zora1 Zora (24 photos) 19.06.2014
Zora is a hardcore barefooter and she just looks awsome with her red dreadlocks. In this set she is outdoors in the city and gives you a look at her tough dirty soles.

Valeska1 Valeska (25 photos) 19.06.2014
Valeska is a true barefoot girl who just loves walking the streets without shoes. In this photo set she is wearing a french pedicure on her toes and shows off her dirty bare soles.

Jasmine videoclip 16 Jasmine (videoclip 4:18 min) 19.06.2014
Jasmine is outdoors in the park and shows off her sexy pedicured feet in flip flops. She also walks around in her shoes.

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